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We've featured you guys now a couple times (once on WordofMouth.org and once in Andy's "Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That!" newsletter) because we really dig the way you earn the respect and recommendation of your customers - you do inspiring stuff.

Cale Johnson, editor and VP of GasPedal.com and Word of Mouth.org

First of all, I would like to say that the entire furniture industry should learn from your company. This level of customer service just makes for a great over all experience for the customer.

Abe Abbas, a 30 year veteran of the furniture industry and editor of the about.com furniture blog

Hi Jenny! The cushion cover arrived the other day -- I've not take a minute to give it a test run or match up, but I'll do it this evening.

I'm blown away by your customer service and product quality! We have several pieces of your furniture and are very pleased with their comfort, construction and performance. Best of all, each piece easily fit through the very narrow doorways of a 110 year old home. Once assembled, they look as if they were delivered fully intact. Our guests often ask, "How did you fit that sofa (or chair) through the room's doorway?" In fact, this is a true story...one night at about 2:45 a.m. our alarm system went off and the police arrived moments after. We asked them to check the basement area where our family room is located because the alarm panel indicated an open entry point there. As the officers walked down the basement stairs which are very narrow and preceded by a 24" doorway, they turned and called up the stairs, "How did you fit this sofa down here?" Before checking for an intruder, they just had to know how we fit the sofa down there! We often laugh about it years later.

Sewickley, PA

Thanks for getting in touch. We LOVE our sofa. LOVE.

We could not be more pleased with our sofa, and our decision to work with Simplicity. Even with the late development that we might need more fabric, the entire process was easy and smooth.

And my goodness, the sofa. I am in awe of the skills of your upholsterer, Sergio. I know we gave him a challenge with our fabric, and he definitely met it! All of your craftspeople and staff deserve applause. Our sofa is gorgeous, so comfortable, so solid, and was as easy to assemble as advertised. And we didn't have an issue getting it up our narrow stairs, either.

The only hiccup was with UPS Freight, which is not your fault. It seems UPS Freight is like UPS, but more so. And I do realize that the furniture does have to ship freight, and no matter what company you use, they are going to be...
well. So while it was frustrating to play phone tag to schedule the delivery, and have our delivery rescheduled because of the driver, and be worried for a little bit because the boxes were damaged (thankfully the sofa was not), honestly, it isn't that serious. Because did I mention we LOVE our sofa?

Thank you to you and Jeff for helping us order and everything else, and thank you to all of the talented, skilled people who made our sofa. Because we LOVE our sofa. And are looking forward to loving it for a good many years.

Michelle Wassenaar
Hyde Park, PA

Sorry for the late response, we were in the middle of a house move and then with the holidays......Furniture exceeded expectations. I was leery of purchasing furniture on-line without actually getting to see it first hand. I did a lot of on-line research and again and again I saw nothing but rave reviews concerning Simplicity Sofas.

We have finished basement but the stairway was too small to bring a full size couch downstairs. My wife and I didn't want a futon nor did we want Ikea furniture. We wanted something solid and durable but also nice in appearance. The sofa we purchased easily fit down the stairway and was a snap to put together. We like our couch very much and we now intend to purchase a love seat, some ottomans and a chair from you once we sell our other house.

Oh yes,in regards to any problems, there were none.

Thank you for the fast processing of the order.

Steve & Mary Anne

Our replacement cushions arrived yesterday. Our sofa and loveseat look and feel brand new!

Thank you for your kind and prompt attention. In this day and age it is refreshing to have a business stand behind their product and honor their commitment. We appreciate your product and customer service.

We wish you and your family much success and happiness in 2016.

Dick and Diane
Matthews, NC

My sofa arrived this week and I love it. It is very comfortable and I am thrilled with it! It truly was so easy to put together, and now I have some large boxes for my grand daughters to play in. I'm sure they will have a blast! The sofa was extremely well packaged and there was no damage! Thank you for a great product. I'm sure I will enjoy it for years to come!

Betty Carlson
Centerville, OH

The sectional is absolutely beautiful and I am extremely pleased with the quality and design. The fabric is sturdy, the cushions are strong and the color is terrific. I love the way the pieces fit together with the ratchet-type connectors and the Velcro on the covering of the bottom of the pieces is a very smart design for ease of cleaning and dis-assembly if necessary.

My compliments to Mr. Diaz on his work!

My tablet does not take the greatest pictures, but I have attached one. When I get some new window treatments with some contrasting color, I know the sectional will look even better (if possible).

You have been a pleasure to work with - I see why the company has had no negative reviews.

Thank you again!

Highland, IN

Oh my gosh! That is so generous! You don't have to do that! It was my fault for ordering incorrectly!

That is extremely kind and generous of you, would you like me to send back the original cushions?

I'm so blown away by your incredible customer service! I've never experienced anything like it and it's wonderful!

I didn't want to complain since I chose those options, and you guys were so lovely to work with. I just thought I would have to live with my own wrong decision. I'm so excited for my new cushions and legs, thank you again I really appreciate all you're doing to make my couch comfortable!

Portland, ME

We love it - beautiful handiwork and extremely easy to put together. It fits perfectly into our little space!

San Francisco, CA

Hi Simplicity!

Just wanted to let you know we got our sofa on Friday and it is beautiful! Even Sullivan (our cat) loves it already! I will be sure to post a testimonial on your Facebook!

Jacksonville Beach, FL

Thank you, Jeff, for taking care of this email tonight.

You have lived up to your legend!

Mentone, CA

I ordered a sofa and a chair to be delivered to Coral Gables, Fla. on June 28. When they saw that it may be late, the vice-president and her husband drove all the way from North Carolina with it(over 800 miles each way) so we would get it on time.

What kind of company is this? Unbelievable!Not only is the furniture beautiful, but customer relations are above and beyond caring. Thank you again Simplicity. You're the best!

Sandra Davis
Coral Gables, FL

Wow. My sofa. It looks so solid, and quite beautiful. —— The real thing. I’m reminded of friends in New England who build post and beam houses. — Thanks for sending.

Takoma Park, MD

My husband and I recently purchased and rehabbed a 1967 mobile home in the beachy little town of Briny Breezes, Florida. One of the issues with the mobile home was that the door was only 28 inches wide and the room itself was only 12 feet wide so furniture size was a big factor. We had to cut the existing sofa that was in the trailer, into 3 pieces to get it out.

Apparently they built the mobile home walls around the furniture. I sort of knew what kind a sofa I wanted but didn't know where to find it. I wanted something made in America and I wanted to be able to configure it myself. I searched the internet and found your company.

Haha, it was News Years Eve when I called expecting to leave a message for someone to call me back after the holiday. Imagine my total surprise when the phone was answered by the owner! He even took my order right then and there! I love my sofa! I have received many compliments on it. It was exactly what I wanted and looks great in our small space!

Leigh M.
Briny Breezes, FL

A little late, but I wanted to say thank you so very much for taking care of me with my damaged couch. Your service is amazing as is the quality of the item (and I SO love to buy Made In The USA).

Thank so very much. Now I need to do a YELP about you.

Katie S
Danville, CA

We have a very tight space between the door to the backyard and the fireplace that seemed like the perfect spot for a mini sectional sofa...only I couldn't find one anywhere until I found Simplicity Sofas online!

My buying experience was excellent. I requested many fabric samples and received not only what I requested, but also others that the customer service rep thought might work based upon the ones I requested. The "corner wedge" hadn't been publicized yet, but when I started ordering the pieces I'd selected, the customer service rep asked if I would be interested in that instead of the straight corner piece I'd been considering. It was EXACTLY what I wanted. When I received my order, I unfortunately received two arms for the left side. The mistake was quickly corrected.

I am pretty picky about my furniture and decor, so I was reluctant to order a sofa that I hadn't seen in person or actually sat on. It is SO comfortable! I LOVE it!

Joan K
Broomfield, CO

Thank you so much for following up! The sofa is PERFECT. Not only does my husband not hate me (like he has for a few days after every single furniture assembly I've ever made him do) because the assembly really WAS so easy, we LOVE the sofa. It was the last piece for our nursery and it looks BEAUTIFUL. I will definitely send photos to Ann per your note below.

Appreciate the wonderful sofa and the attention you all paid to checking in!

Lauren P
Coral Gables, FL

Super Storm Sandy hit our Belmar, NJ residence , bringing two feet of water into our finished basement.The basement had to be rebuilt. In addition to having to replace all our mechanicals and washer/ dryer,all furniture needed to be replaced. The existing futon/sofa and chair was RTA furniture . We were not able to get an already assembled sofa or chair down the steps through the narrow doorways on the inside or outside. Even sectional sofa pieces were too large.

I searched the internet and discovered Simplicity Sofas. We were very impressed with the appearance of the furniture and the customer reviews. I spoke with Jenny, who sent me an amazing selectionof fabrics/grades from which to choose. We wanted a sectional, andAnn sent me two drawings of possibleconfigurations, which proved very helpful. After we submitted our order, delivery took just a few weeks. We opted for white glove service. Delivery and assembly went very smoothly, just in time for Thanksgiving. We are very happy with the quality of our sectional sofa and highly recommend Simplicity Sofas to anyone who has access limitations.

Barbara M
Belmar, NJ

First let me say that your customer service is undeniably the best I have ever had. I felt that we were taken care and never needed to worry about a thing. To me that is a huge deal considering we ordered a sofa on line never having seen or touched it. As far as the furniture we love it. It was so easy to put it together just as you said. I bribed a few women with coffee to help me get it upstairs and within 10 minutes we had the entire thing put together. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. I know you said that I was the 1st order for that fabric so now you can let others know. So again thank you so much for everything. In such a tight space I never thought it was possible to have a comfortable sofa and chair in the playroom. PS Thanks for the pillows!!! You guys are awesome!

Martinez, GA

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