Testimonials From Our Amazing Customers

Thanks you so much for the AWESOME customer service.  I have many friends here in New England with small houses built a century ago.  The narrow staircases make moving modern furniture difficult if not impossible. I will continue to recommend your services at every opportunity.
Thanks again,

Jane L
West Roxbury, MA

When we moved into our Brooklyn apartment, we owned a conventional sofa bed. The entry to the apartment was 2 doors, at a right angle. So, you open the outside door, step down two steps into a 2 ft x 3 ft vestibule, and immediately to the right is another door. That door is narrow and short, so short that the bottom of the door had to be cut off to be hung, and the doorknob was about mid thigh high.

The sofabed would not make it in. It had to be sawed in half and reassembled inside. It was never the same again. When it came time to get a new sofa, I searched, and searched. I didn't want an IKEA sofa that could be put together inside. I wanted something real! I was reluctant to order a simplicity sofa, having never seen one but I found nothing else that would work. Why I waited so long, I have no idea. When I finally ordered and it arrived, I was so thrilled!! Attractive, comfortable, and so easy to get in!

I recently moved and when the movers looked at the sofa, they were concerned about getting it out of the ridiculous entryway. I smiled and showed them the beauty of Simplicity... One responded "Now *that's* a mover friendly sofa!". In my new place, I have a normal entry way, and also a basement, with a not so normal entry way. I need to get a sofa for the basement. I could put my Megan down there and buy a normal sofa for upstairs, but you know what, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a second simplicity! They just make sense. I have my eye on the Lorelei.


Rob O
Brooklyn, NY

I received my sofa on Thursday, June 14th. While I anticipated a quick and uncomplicated assembly, I never envisioned how extremely easy it would be to assemble the sofa. It took just a few minutes - 5 or 6 at the most. The longest part was separating everything from its protective packaging!. That, however, is not a complaint.

I was pleased to see that everything was well-wrapped. I'm particularly impressed at the thickness of the cushions. I was a bit worried because I chose not to upgrade the cushions when I ordered; but the "standard" cushions are obviously high-quality. I've paid far more for far less. Overall, I can tell that this is a quality product that will last well beyond the factory-produced sofas offered at furniture stores. I rate the sofa an A+. It's simply a fantastic product.

This email is simply in response to your request for comments.

Chris C
Portland, OR

My name is Shawn & I am Dane's interior designer.

We received his sofa yesterday and absolutely love it!! It's comfortable, well made, sturdy and incredibly easy to assemble. In fact, while Dane was upstairs for 10 minutes he couldn't believe that 5 boxes had transformed so quickly into a completed sectional.

Why other manufacturers don't follow this process is beyond me.

You have become a contact in my phone & will think of you 1st for future sofa purchases : )

Pictures may follow in the weeks ahead.
Thank you and Jeff (I believe) for everything.

Best Regards

Shawn S
Baltimore, MD

The sofa arrived yesterday, we are thrilled, the upholstery fabric is more outstanding than we had thought - something that is difficult to visualize with a swatch.  I will be using Simplicity Sofas as an innovative model for one of our business classes at Hesston College. You guys simply rock!!


Lorna H
Hesston, KS

My new sofa arrived last Wednesday. It is gorgeous - even better than I had imagined! Pictures are attached. It appears to be very sturdy, but is incredibly comfortable as well. I’ve already fallen asleep on it. Tremendous job by the Simplicity Sofa team! Your customer service has been wonderful as well! 

Stacie M
Arlington, MA

We are very happy with the couch.    The most difficult part of assembly was getting it out of the boxes!     Once we did that, it was very easy.     It looks great and is in perfect condition, even though one end of the large box with the couch frame was open when it was delivered.    Fortunately, your instructions were to note that on delivery receipt but go ahead and accept shipment.   As it turned out, there was no damage.


Pam J
Billings, MT

The cushion cover arrived the other day -- I've not take a minute to give it a test run or match up, but I'll do it this evening.

I'm astounded by your customer service and product quality! We have several pieces of your furniture and are very pleased with their comfort, construction and performance. Best of all, each piece easily fit through the very narrow doorways of a 110 year old home. Once assembled, they look as if they were delivered fully intact. Our guests often ask, "How did you fit that sofa (or chair) through the room's doorway?"

In fact, this is a true story...one night at about 2:45 a.m. our alarm system went off and the police arrived moments after. We asked them to check the basement area where our family room is located because the alarm panel indicated an open entry point there. As the officers walked down the basement stairs which are very narrow and preceded by a 24" doorway, they turned and called up the stairs, "How did you fit this sofa down here?" Before checking for an intruder, they just had to know how we fit the sofa down there! We often laugh about it years later.

Kelley and William O
Sewickley, PA

Mr. Jeff Frank,

Well I read your last email around 7am this morning. I have written and torn up three emails since then, because frankly I did not know what to say. First off I want to apologize to you for all your time that this has taken up. Second, after letting my wife read the email, she has had this red tint to her face all day. I have gotten a few good laughs when she was not in the same room.

You have to understand that I am just an old retired truck driver, but my wife has a Master Degree in Education, so the more her face lit up, the more I had to go outside for a good laugh. To be honest with you, after talking with her, I was going to tell you not to send us the free throw pillows, however I just got an email from Shannon saying they had been shipped. I appreciate what you have done, but I am embarrassed that she misread your email and asked for the pillows.

Again I will tell you that we are very happy with our sofa. We have already had two couples come and look at it, plus I have emailed pictures to several of my RVing friends. We will take the gift certificate with us in ourRVand if we have anyone who we think is seriously considering a Simplicity Sofa, we will give them the certificate. Hopefully before the end of this year, someone will give you a call with a gift certificate, that they want to apply to a new sofa.

I have done business with a lot of companies during my lifetime, but never have I encountered anyone like Simplicity Sofas. My wife and I will never forget how you have treated us.

Wilton C.
Anderson, SC


You are renewing my faith in capitalism!!! Thanks for your prompt and generous reply.

You know, not one soul at Simplicity Sofas was ever anything but patient and polite. They didn't know I am a disabled vet and a betrayal of my trust would have been hard
for me. Thank you for your honesty and very professional service not to mention such a beautiful sofa to rest on. Also, thanks for the two extra throw pillows. That is such a decent touch.

I would like to write a letter of appreciation if you can use it in your website. Please let me know it it may help.

With kind regards,

Richard L
Arlington, MA

The sofa, chair and ottoman we purchased were for our attic, which we just remodeled. We were a little behind on the remodeling, so didn’t get the furniture up there and put together until last Sunday. My husband and I wanted to be sure that we told you just how much we LOVE IT!!!

First and foremost, it is beautiful, well-made and very comfortable. I was really impressed with the quality. Second, it was so easy to put together. No tools necessary, and as you guys say in your advertising, even an 8 year old can do it. My husband commented that it was way easier than furniture you get at discount places.

So bottom line, we are absolutely thrilled with Simplicity Sofa, and have been recommending it to all of our friends. The customer service was AMAZING from the beginning; incredibly responsive and helpful. I wish I had something to tell you needed improvement, but I can’t think of a SINGLE thing!!!

Thanks so much! We will be using you in the future whenever the need arises!

Maureen O
Kensington, MD

Hi Jeff,

I second my wife's comments, thank you and your team so much!! This is absolutely above and beyond great customer service (you really did not have to do so much)!

Along with recommendations, we'd like to add Simplicity Sofas to our community's webpage under our "Local Businesses" section. Sara and I administer this site and it gets a decent amount of traffic from the greater Wilmington DE area. We are trying to build this page as a resource for residents when they need reputable contractors, etc.

If that's ok with you, I would just ask for a jpg image to place on the site. We'll take care to add the link and probably a line or two testimonial from us. You can have a look at the site here:www.trinityvicinity.org

Thank you again for all that you and your team have done for us.

Oh, and thank you for the awesome furniture! The quality and ease of assembly was exactly as advertised! Great stuff! :)

Matt B
Wilmington, DE


I hope this e-mail will be read by Jeff and Shannon as they helped me with my selection of Simplicity Furniture pieces.

Today, the "white glove movers" delivered my couch, chair, ottoman and pillows without any problem whatsoever and with a much earlier delivery date than I anticipated.
They did not bash my walls or hit the low ceiling while bringing the furniture in. They were very gracious and were able to put the furniture together in a very short period of time.

I am so thrilled with my furniture! It is so well made and so beautiful and comfortable. I want to thank everyone who was involved in the process from the time I requestedcolor swatches to the delivery today!

Thank you, Jaime Burns, for the great upholstery job. I love, love, love my set. The "Megan" was a great choice…thanks Jeff. The color and fabric I selected is just perfect. I am sending a few photos of my new room with my Simplicity Furniture. Although the room is not completely finished yet, it looks so good with the furniture that I had to show you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking for furniture...it is that good.

Joyce C

Thank you for your prompt response.  Your offer of a new seat cushion cover for free  is so generous when the stain was completely our fault.  We really appreciate it given we have only had the sofa a few days! Only the one cushion was damaged. My husband is now officially out of the doghouse!

Carolyn H
Columbus, OH

Thank you for your inquiry. I've been meaning to tell you what wonderful service you provided and how pleased we are with our new Simplicity sofa. Every step of our purchase process went exactly as you had outlined, even concerning delivery by a third party (UPS Freight) over which you have no direct control.

Here's a photo of our sofa which I was able to move into and assemble in our coach by myself in less than half an hour. The length of time included unpacking and carrying each piece into our coach, one piece at a time as needed.

We are delighted with your sofa and receive comments from all who come to see, how comfortable it is. I was concerned that it would have less "stretch-out room than our old sofa, but even that is a non-issue. Thanks so much for your friendly courteous and professional assistance in acquiring our new sofa.

Best regards - Charlie

Charlie K
Hilton Head Island, SC

The sofa is FANTASTIC and we are really enjoying it! We couldn't believe that Darryl drove ALL the way from High Point to deliver it, we thought it might be some local transport company bringing it. But Darryl was extremely nice, prompt and even delivered the sofa on Saturday. He offered to set it up for us, but we declined since we were still deciding where to place it. However, Darryl gave my husband some pointers and it was a snap to put together. Within 20 mins of receiving it, we were enjoying sitting on it!

The craftsmanship is really well done - we noticed that all the stripes were exactly aligned from any given angle you looked at the sofa. There was one spot underneath where the black 'dust' cloth wasn't attached, but looked like the staples must have run out at that point because there was an indent where the staple should have been. One pillow had a slight snag on it, but nothing that couldn't be snipped off.

Both the size and color were exactly what we wanted, looked for elsewhere and couldn't find except with your company!

We will definitely pass the word along about the ease of putting together Simplicity furniture, the excellent customer service and the great value you get for your dollar.

Thanks for checking in to see how we like our new sofa. Again, that's excellent customer service!

Caral M
Goldsboro, NC

There is only one big problem, I sit on the sofa and it makes me snuggle down and take a nap !! Lol we are blown away by the quality of not only the sofa but the bed as well. We had no problems getting it in the RV and put it together in truely minutes!

We looked for 3 months for a sofa and you were the best and only option available! We will post puctures to the website. Also Jeff and the rest if the crew were wonderful helping with questions and all.

Winter Garden, FL

Oh my gosh! That is so generous! You don't have to do that! It was my fault for ordering incorrectly!

That is extremely kind and generous of you, would you like me to send back the original cushions?

I'm so blown away by your incredible customer service! I've never experienced anything like it and it's wonderful!

I didn't want to complain since I chose those options, and you guys were so lovely to work with. I just thought I would have to live with my own wrong decision. I'm so excited for my new cushions and legs, thank you again I really appreciate all you're doing to make my couch comfortable!

Portland, ME

My husband and I recently purchased and rehabbed a 1967 mobile home in the beachy little town of Briny Breezes, Florida. One of the issues with the mobile home was that the door was only 28 inches wide and the room itself was only 12 feet wide so furniture size was a big factor. We had to cut the existing sofa that was in the trailer, into 3 pieces to get it out.

Apparently they built the mobile home walls around the furniture. I sort of knew what kind a sofa I wanted but didn't know where to find it. I wanted something made in America and I wanted to be able to configure it myself. I searched the internet and found your company.

Haha, it was News Years Eve when I called expecting to leave a message for someone to call me back after the holiday. Imagine my total surprise when the phone was answered by the owner! He even took my order right then and there! I love my sofa! I have received many compliments on it. It was exactly what I wanted and looks great in our small space!

Leigh M.
Briny Breezes, FL

First let me say that your customer service is undeniably the best I have ever had. I felt that we were taken care and never needed to worry about a thing. To me that is a huge deal considering we ordered a sofa on line never having seen or touched it.

As far as the furniture we love it. It was so easy to put it together just as you said. I bribed a few women with coffee to help me get it upstairs and within 10 minutes we had the entire thing put together.

The fabric is so soft and comfortable. I know you said that I was the 1st order for that fabric so now you can let others know. So again thank you so much for everything. In such a tight space I never thought it was possible to have a comfortable sofa and chair in the playroom. PS Thanks for the pillows!!! You guys are awesome!

Martinez, GA

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