All Simplicity Sofas furniture
fits through 15 inch wide
doors and stairways
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Award-winning Furniture Designs

Sofas, Sleepers, Sectionals and Slipcovers built to last a lifetime.


Simplicity Sofas builds furniture the old fashioned way, hand-crafted one piece at a time by expert craftspeople.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture is manufactured in the High Point, NC factory of Dimarmel, Inc. 

The owner of Dimarmel, Mr.Diaz, has worked with Simplicity Sofas since the first day the company opened in 2007. Mr. Diaz personally built every piece of Simplicity Sofas furniture during the company's first three years.


Simplicity Sofas makes its own frames and cushions. Frames are constructed with top quality select grade solid oak lumber.

  • Cushions are fabricated one at a time with the highest quality 2.5 density Ultracel foam. Memory Gel and Spring down cushion construction are popular upgrade options. All Simplicity Sofas cushions are built to last 10 years or more for most people.
  • Many fabrics are sourced from North Carolina mills. 98% of all Simplicity Sofas raw materials, parts and components are made in the USA when purchased with these locally sourced fabrics.


Simplicity Sofas furniture for small spaces includes apartment size small sofas, custom small sleepers and small sectionals scaled for small apartments and small rooms.

  • Simplicity Sofas also makes custom full-size sofas, mid-size sofas, queen-size sleepers and large sectionals of unlimited size that all fit through extremely narrow doors and narrow stairways where other high quality furniture cannot go.




Simplicity Sofas furniture is built to the highest quality standards. It is designed and built to last. 

Check out reviews on our website and Facebook. Here are a few examples of what you will find:


  • "I have not seen the quality of Simplicity Sofas in 15 years! I couldn't find a single flaw in quality from the construction and materials to the way it's put together. I am often disappointed with quality these days, but what Simplicity Sofas is doing is amazing."


  • "Simplicity Sofas is an unbelievable company. My family has been in the furniture business for 85 years. Business closed a couple of years ago. Needed furniture for my man cave. From the minute I placed the order till now I can't believe the quality of the product. Cushions, frame, fabric and upholstering is perfect."


  • "The quality of the sofa is OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I have never seen such extreme quality and craftsmanship!!!"







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