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* Sale includes furniture purchases of $1000 or more. Sale prices are not retroactive for previous purchases.

Made in America by skilled craftspeople using locally sourced American Made materials and components. This is furniture made the old fashioned way, hand-crafted bench-made furniture, custom-built one piece at a time to the requirements of our customers nationwide.

Simplicity Sofas is a High Point, North Carolina company specializing in custom built Furniture for Small Spaces and Tight Places. All Simplicity Sofas furniture is manufactured in the High Point, NC factory of Dimarmel, Inc. by highly experienced local craftspeople. 

The owner of Dimarmel, Sergio Diaz, has worked with Simplicity Sofas since the first day the company opened in 2007. Sergio personally built every piece of Simplicity Sofas furniture during the company's first three years, a period in which it grew from $0 sales to $750,000 annually in the midst of a Recession that closed down 40% of American furniture manufacturers.

Dimarmel makes its own solid oak frames using locally sourced select grade solid oak lumber, 2.5 density Ultracel foam and other super-premium materials.

Most fabrics are sourced from North Carolina mills. When purchased with one of these American Made fabrics, 95% of all Simplicity Sofas raw materials, parts and components are Made in America. The only exceptions are sleeper mechanisms and mattresses, some leg styles and a few miscellaneous screws and bolts.

Simplicity Sofas furniture for small spaces includes apartment size small sofas, custom small sleepers and small sectionals scaled for small apartments and small rooms.

Simplicity Sofas also makes custom full-size sofas, queen-size sleepers and large sectionals of unlimited size that all fit through extremely narrow doors and narrow stairways where other high quality furniture cannot go. Call us today if you need a custom small sofa made for your apartment or small room!

A Few Actual Customer Testimonials

We are absolutely blown away by this experience. I know most people would be taken back by a comment like that because after all... it’s just a sofa right!?

I consider myself to be a stickler when it comes to customer service. I have been in this industry (who isn’t really) for 20 + years and have come to find out it is a lost art! What is so ironic is, it’s probably the easiest thing to do when it comes to gaining and maintaining a customer!

Our experience with Simplicity Sofas was perfect from the beginning to the end! It was easy to order, communication was there, the sofa was delivered when you said it would, it took me 3 minutes to put it together and it looks great! We could not have been happier! Even ordering the material samples was a breeze and those came in the mail within a few days. You really have a fantastic product and an excellent ability to market it. If you ever need a reference please feel free to use us!

Ruth and Dave F.
Springfield, IL.

Thank you for doing business the right way. I have never before written an online testimonial/review, but I have appreciated your company’s products and efforts so much that I feel compelled to write this testimonial:

“Undoubtedly the best single customer service experience I have ever encountered. The sofas arrived on time and were easy to assemble. Simplicity Sofas went well out of their way to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase. This is a company who does business the right way. I will recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for the perfect sofa to fit that special area.”

I would elaborate more in my testimonial, but I don’t want to put your business in the position of being obligated to treat everyone as generously as you have treated us. Thank you for legitimately attempting to perfect the slip covers, for then sending us the imperfect slipcovers without charge, and for being completely honest the whole way through. Even though they’re not perfect, we love them; you literally went above and beyond to satisfy us.

Many businesses I’ve encountered would have lied and told us that they had tried and it just didn’t work out. You guys didn’t… you really did try (more than you had to), you sent us the covers to prove it, and I couldn’t respect you more. Thank you for doing business the right way… it’s rare to see these days.

Feel free to edit and use as much or as little of the text above in your online testimonial. Please let me know if you have any questions of me.

Jeremy W.
Littleton, CO.

 Simplicity Sofas furniture is the solution for homeowners or renters looking for couches that come apart and couches that fit through small doorways. Also, couches that come in pieces and couches for small doorways. If you are looking for a sofa to fit through a narrow doorway or couches that fit in small doors this is the perfect solution

Everything the company makes is shipped unassembled and can be put together in less than 15 minutes without tools.

The website includes videos of small children assembling the furniture by themselves in less than 5 minutes. No tools are needed.

Simplicity Sofas has always emphasized both quality and customer service.

A recent customer, who grew up working in his father’s custom upholstery shop, described the quality of his furniture in an interview with Furniture Today:

“I have not seen the quality of Simplicity Sofas in 15 years, and I couldn’t find a single flaw from the construction and materials to the way it’s put together. I am often disappointed in quality these days, but what Jeff (Frank) and his team are doing is amazing.”

Simplicity Sofas constructs its frames with solid oak. This is Made in America furniture, custom-built in High Point, North Carolina. More than 75% of components are locally sourced.

Simplicity Sofas offers a level of customer service never before seen in the furniture industry. This has been acknowledged through awards, articles by best-selling authors and hundreds of customer testimonials.

Please visit our showroom located at:

Simplicity Sofas
414 Grayson St.
High Point, NC 27260
Tel. - 800-813-2889