Warranty, Returns & Cancellations 

If you do not like your furniture you have 1 year to return it for a full refund including shipping charges*.

*For free return shipping please keep your shipping boxes until you are certain that you are happy with the furniture. If the furniture is not returned in boxes the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges. 

Simplicity Sofas will replace or repair any defective or damaged part(s)** at no charge for 3 years. Customers will pay for shipping charges for the replacement part(s) if replacement is requested more than 30 days after receipt of furniture.

**Defective or damaged parts include frames, legs, cushions, mechanisms.

Comfort is very subjective. What is extremely comfortable for one individual may not be comfortable for another.  We will make every effort to make our furniture more comfortable for each individual customer, including after-sale modifications when possible, but ultimately we cannot make refunds for comfort-related issues. 

Unlike other furniture brands there are several things we can do to modify the way our furniture feels, even after it is in your home. Please call us if you are not 100% delighted with the comfort of your furniture.

What is your Warranty?

Lifetime warranty on all frames and frame support.

10 year warranty on cushions. During that time cushions will be replaced at no charge upon request. The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

3 Year Warranty on sleeper and recliner mechanisms. The mechanisms will be replaced at no charge. The customer is responsible for shipping charges. 

1 Year Warranty on mattresses and air beds. Mattresses and air beds will be replaced at no charge. The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

Simplicity Sofas furniture starts off with superior materials such as solid oak frames and super-premium quality cushions. But that is just the beginning.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture is constructed using a modular design with interchangeable component parts. Virtually every part is interchangeable and replaceable. That includes arms, backs, bases, legs, cushion covers and inserts. This makes correcting problems simple and inexpensive.  

We put a lot of thought into making our furniture easy to fix if anything ever goes wrong. For example our cushions are made with extra-wide zippers so that it is easy for our customers to replace the covers or the cushion cores if necessary.

Most replacement parts can be shipped within 2 weeks. The customer is responsible for shipping charges incurred for replacement parts. 

Warranties apply only to the original purchaser of the furniture.


Orders may be cancelled for a full refund for up to 1 week after the order has been placed. After that time a 20% restocking fee will be charged. [If an order is placed but a fabric is not specified the customer will be eligible for a full refund until 1 week after a fabric has been approved.]

Orders that are cancelled after shipping but before being received by the customer are subject to payment of return shipping fees plus a 20% restocking charge.

Shipping Changes:

If shipping changes are requested by the customer after the order has been shipped, the customer will be responsible for any additional shipping charges incurred.

Shipping changes may be required by  the shipping company. For example "drop shipments" are made using large 18 wheel tractor trailers. If the shipping firm determines that their trailers cannot access the home due to low hanging branches or power lines, narrow or congested streets or other reasons, the customer will be responsible for additional charges to change the shipment to "threshold" or "white glove" delivery.