Simplicity Sofa's FAQ's

What kind of furniture does Simplicity Sofas make?

Simplicity Sofas specializes in custom-built high quality Furniture for Small Spaces and Tight Places.

All frames are solid oak. Cushions are super-premium 2.5 density Ultracel foam, Memory gel foam or Spring-down construction.

The quality of our furniture is described in an article published in Furniture Today. This is the most widely read publication for furniture retailers and manufacturers. We did not solicit or pay for this article.

Our furniture is scaled for smaller rooms. All sofas and sectionals have a total depth of only 32". This is 5" - 10" less deep than most other high quality furniture. This decreased depth is accomplished without reducing the size of the cushions. Our seat cushions are 27" deep.

This is the most common cushion depth for high quality furniture that measures 37" - 42" in overall depth. The difference is our patented modular back design which requires far less space from the back of the cushions to the wall.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture fits through 15" wide doors and stairways.

Sectionals of unlimited size can fit through  openings as small as 8"wide x 36" high. So far the largest sectional we have built was for the Man Cave TV show which requested a 17 ft. x 17 ft. twelve seat sectional to fit down a 24" wide stairway. However we are capable of making far larger sectionals that will also fit through the narrowest spaces.


What is Furniture for Small Spaces and Tight Places?

All of our sofas, sleepers and sectionals are designed to fit through narrow doors and stairways where other furniture cannot go – including RVs and boats.  

Simplicity Sofas furniture has a total depth of only 32 inches. These depths are 5” – 10” shallower than “normal” seating made by other high quality brands.  

  • The shallower depths are accomplished without shrinking cushion sizes or reducing comfort. 

Simplicity Sofas offers furniture scaled for smaller rooms.

  • Each style group is available in 3 different sofa sizes.
  • In addition each group includes a loveseat, chair and a half and chair.

Because of the modular nature of our furniture, sectionals are available in unlimited sizes.

For example, the ManCave TV show came to us for a 15 seat sectional measuring 17 ft. x 17 ft. that easily fit down a 24" wide staircase.

How do I know whether your furniture will fit through my narrow door or stairway?

If your door or stairway is wider than 15 inches, everything we make will fit.  

For even tighter places our sectionals will fit through any opening larger than 8 inches wide x 36 inches high.

Does your furniture have to be assembled?

All Simplicity Sofas furniture is shipped unassembled. Assembly takes about 15 minutes for most first timers. No tools are needed.  

Assembly instructions for sofas:

1) The sofa comes in 4 pieces (2 arms, back, base.) Hardware consists of 6 steel washers and 6 black three prong knobs.

2) Each arm and the back has 2 steel bolts that are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base.

3) Turn the sofa over so that the bottom can be accessed. Unzip the three zippers in the bottom black fabric.

4) Insert a washer and a black 3 prong knob onto each of the bolts that have been inserted through the base.

5) Hand tighten the 6 black three prong knobs.

6) The sofa is ready to use.

Assembly is identical for loveseats, chairs and sectionals but they may have fewer knobs to tighten.

The patented QAS (Quick and Simple) assembly system is so simple that the furniture can be put together by small children in less than 5 minutes:

7 & 9 year old kids assemble a Simplicity Sofa in less than 5 minutes.

7 year old girl assembles a Simplicity sectional seat unit in 1 minute

8 year old boy assembles a Simplicity Sofa by himself in less than 4 minutes 

75% of our customers assemble our furniture themselves.

25% choose the White Glove delivery option which includes assembly and removal of cartons.

Can the furniture be disassembled after being re-assembled for moving?

Disassembly takes about 5 minutes. Our furniture is designed to be assembled and disassembled dozens of times without any loss of strength or structural integrity.

Both assembly and disassembly are so simple that NO TOOLS are needed.

What types of furniture do you make?

Simplicity Sofas makes sofas, loveseats, chairs, sleepers and sectionals. All Simplicity Sofas furniture has the following characteristics:

  • Solid oak frames
  • 2.5 density Ultracel  foam or Spring-down super premium cushions.
  • Everything we make fits through 15” wide doors and stairways.


Is This RTA (Ready To Assemble) furniture?

Although our furniture does technically fit into that category we rarely describe our furniture as being RTA.

In 2017 and 2018 Simplicity Sofas was named in a major industry research report as one of the Top 10 RTA furniture companies in the world despite being less than 1/10 the size of every other company on the list. 

The reason for our inclusion in this industry research report was that Simplicity Sofas is the world's only manufacturer of high end custom-built RTA furniture.

Other than Simplicity Sofas, the entire category of RTA furniture is considered by both manufacturers and retailers to be low cost, mass produced products that are specifically designed to be cheaper to produce and cheaper to ship than "normal" furniture. This type of RTA furniture is designed for short-term or temporary use so "quality"  is not the most important consideration.

Most people buy RTA furniture for two reasons: 

  1. Low cost
  2. Fits through narrow doors and stairways where "normal" furniture cannot go.

Since price is the most important consideration flimsy and made for short-term use. In addition RTA assembly usually requires tools, extensive instructions and can take an hour or longer. None of that describes our furniture.

Simplicity Sofas is the only company making self-assembly furniture that is:

  • Designed to compete with the highest quality "normal" custom-built furniture.
  • Custom-built one piece at a time.
  • Designed to last 20+ years.
  • Can be assembled, dis-assembled dozens of times with no loss of strength or durability.
  • Offers hundreds of customized designer options.
  • Offers a selection of 200+ fabrics and leathers.


Where is your furniture made?

All Simplicity Sofas furniture is made in our factory in High Point, North Carolina. Except for fabrics over 90% of the components we use are made locally, within 25 miles of the factory. More than 50% of our fabrics are Made in North Carolina.

At the time the factory first opened in 2007, 100% of the fabrics we used were imported. Since that time we have made a strenuous effort to select American made fabrics.



What do your fabric categories mean?

Most of our customers are concerned about two primary aspects of our fabrics: Durability and Stain resistance.

All of our fabrics (except for a few in Category 3) are rated "heavy-duty" for residential use. Fabric durability is determined by Abrasion Testing. This is performed by huge machines that rub a fabric back and forth until the fibers begin to break. The most common of these tests is the Wyzenbeek Abrasion test 

According to the Wyzenbeek scale if a fabric surpasses 30,000 double rubs it is considered heavy duty for residential use. Fabrics that exceed 100,000 double rubs are heavy-duty for commercial or institutional use. All of our fabrics in Categories 1, 2, 4 and 5 meet or exceed the heavy-duty test standards.
Fabric technology has made tremendous advances over the past few years --  Polyesters and olefins used to be used primarily in microfiber fabrics. Now they can also mimic the look and feel of cottons, linens, wool, silk, leather, suede, velvets and many other textures. The synthetics are typically far more durable and more stain resistant (with the possible exception of rayons) than natural fibers. Also, they have far fewer dye lot inconsistencies.
There have also been tremendous advances in stain-protection technology. Crypton, Sunbrella and other American mills have introduced new technologies that produce fabrics with built-in permanent stain protection that is virtually stain-proof. All of our Category 4 and 5 fabrics have built-in permanent Crypton stain protection technology.
Category 1 and 2 fabrics all exceed "heavy-duty" abrasion test requirements and are equally good. All fabrics in this category are also highly stain resistant polyesters or olefins. Category 1 fabrics are reduced in price because they are discontinued with limited quantities.
Category 4 and 5 High Performance "Kidproof" fabrics are all Made in America. All have built-in permanent stain protection technology such as Crypton.
One of the reasons for the difference in price between Categories 4 and 5 is that we purchase Category 4 fabrics in 50 yard rolls where Category 5 fabrics are special order cut yardage where we purchase only the amount we need for each order.  
Category 3 Designer Fabrics - We carry very few fabrics that are delicate or have no stain resistance. All of those fabrics are in Category 3. We recommend those fabrics only for slipcovers, throw pillows and ottomans.

Faux Leather Fabrics – These are 100% polyurethane fabrics that simulate the look and feel of leather. There are two separate price categories.Most faux leathers are priced the same as our “Heavy-duty” category. The Highwood line is more expensive. These are anti-bacterial and have a moisture barrier suitable for use in boats and other special applications. 

Top-grain Aniline Leather – Although we do not stock these leathers they are normally available to us on a quick-ship basis within 1-2 weeks. Upholstering furniture in leather does require more time so please allow an additional two weeks production time.

Simplicity Sofas does not carry “bonded” leathers. We consider them to be a defective product sold primarily to fool people who do not know the difference between “bonded” and top-grain leathers. Our 100% polyurethane “faux leather” fabrics are superior in comfort and durability to “bonded” leathers and similar in price.

We do not do “leather-match.” This is furniture made with top-grain leather on only the parts that are commonly touched. The remainder of the furniture is upholstered in a matching vinyl fabric. Typically this is done primarily for the purpose of drastically reducing costs. As a result “leather-match” furniture typically uses very inexpensive and low quality top-grain leathers.

C.O.M. (Customers Own Material) – Our customers are also welcome to send us fabrics that they have purchased on their own. Please send backed upholstery fabrics only.  Call for yardage requirements. Fabrics with matched patterns require more yardage than plain or solid color fabrics. We do not accept silks or fabrics that cost more than $100 per yard.  We reserve the right to reject COM fabrics that if they have unusual characteristics that could cause upholstering problems. It is strongly advised to send us a sample in advance for our approval. 

What is the quality level of our furniture?

Simplicity Sofas builds its American made furniture to last for 20 years and more.

We make high end custom sofas, sleepers and sectionals, built one piece at a time in our High Point, North Carolina factory. We use 90% local materials.

Retailers typically double the cost they pay for furniture before selling to consumers. Bypassing those retailers and selling direct to consumers enables us to sell our high end quality custom-built furniture at prices that are competitive with mid-priced imported furniture.

We use solid oak frames that are glued, doweled, stapled and corner blocked. We use super premium quality cushions with 2.5 density Ultracel foam or Spring down cushions.

The quality level of our furniture can be seen through the testimonials of our customers and the many articles that have been written about us including a recent article in Furniture Today, the leading publication in the furniture industry. 

Simplicity Sofas has never solicited or paid for any articles or testimonials.

What is your cushion construction?

Simplicity Sofas offers a choice of three different cushion constructions. All are backed by 10 year warranties. 

All Simplicity Sofas cushions are designed so that both cushion inserts and cushion covers can be easily replaced by the consumer in a few minutes if necessary. This is accomplished by using extra-wide zippers and down-proof tickings that enable the cushion inserts to slide easily in and out of the cushion covers. 

1) 2.5 density HR (High Resilience) Ultracel foam cushions(This is our "firm" cushion option.)

Our 2.5 density Ultracel foam cushion is one of the finest quality cushions available in the furniture industry at any price. These cushions weigh 1/3 more than the standard 1.8 density foam cushions used by most mid-priced furniture manufacturers. They have an overall thickness of  8.5" with a 5.5" foam core. Surrounding the foam core is a dacron polyester fiber wrapping. The foam and fiber are then wrapped in a heavy-duty down-proof ticking.

Our super premium quality cushions retain will retain their shape and resilience for 10 years or more. [Resilience is the ability for a cushion to "bounce back" to its original shape and loft after someone has been sitting on it.]

Ultracel uses a special process that allows the foam cells to be closer together than with many other HR foams. This improves the lifespan and ability to bounce back after use.

Ultracel is also eco-friendly, fabricated using a soybean derivitive that reduces the need for petroleum-based ingredients by approximately 20%. 

2) Memory gel foam Cushions. (This is our "medium firm" cushion option.) 

Our Memory gel foam cushions have a 4.5" core of 2.5 density Ultracel foam with a top and bottom layer of Memory gel foam for a "softer" feel. The cushion core is encased in a down proof ticking to allow easy replacement of cushion inserts or covers if needed.

3) Spring-down cushions(This is our "plush" cushion option.)

Spring Down cushions are designed for a softer initial feel but to be highly supportive once compressed. To achieve this, the heart of the cushion is a pocketed coil spring unit (also known as a Marshall unit) made with 15 gauge tempered steel springs that are individually wrapped in a fabric cover and mechanically tied together to create a complete innerspring core. The spring core is then surrounded with a border of 2.5 density Ultracel foam. 

The cushion is then encased in a tightly woven channeled envelope of high quality down proof ticking, and filled with a blend of feathers and down. The final cushion provides a smooth ride as each material layer yields as the weight is distributed. The first level of comfort comes from the slow release of air from the down proof ticked envelope. The second level comes from the compression of the feather-down and fiber layer and the air stored within. Lastly, you will feel the support of the innersprings as they equally distribute your weight across the cushion. 


Can I Request Free Fabric Samples or Supply My Own Fabric?

You may request fabric swatches. The first 7 are free. Additional fabric swatches are $0.25 each. Leather swatches are $1 each.  

We do accept COM (Customer’s Own Material) orders. The price is the same as our Category 2 fabrics.

Is your furniture made with 8 way hand-tied coils?

Our furniture can be made with 8 way hand-tied coils.  Before we do, however, we will warn you that it is completely unnecessary in our furniture and a waste of $250 per seat.  

8 way hand-tied coil foundations were invented in the 19th century at a time when seat cushions were stuffed with horsehair, feathers, cotton and other low resilience materials. Also, they were much thinner.

The result was that people sitting on the furniture sank all the way down to the deck where they could feel the foundation beneath.  Our modern high quality cushions are much thicker and use high density foams or sturdy spring down construction that does not compress all the way down to the deck. As a result you cannot feel the foundation beneath the deck, no matter how much you paid for it.




What are the dimensions and size specifications of your furniture?

All dimensions are listed on the website. 

Do you list prices on your website?

yes! Prices can be found under each individual item. website. If you have any questions or need pricing on special unlisted options call us at 800-813-2889. 

How do I order and what are my payment options?

Most orders can be placed directly on the website. Or if you prefer assistace during the process, give us a call at 1-800-813-2889. accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We ensure the security of your online transaction as all information is processed through  Your credit card information is never left on the server or the website. The industry standard for encryption, SSL technology creates a secure transaction environment for commerce on the Internet.  Sales tax is collected only for orders delivered within North Carolina

What if I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ?

Call our customer service hotline 800-813-2889

 In the rare event that the hotline is not answered just call back an hour later.

How long will it take to make my furniture?

Production time varied based on each other. Simplicity Sofas furniture is hand made one piece at a time and custom-built to your specifications so a larger order could take three times more time than a standard sofa/chair. 

Our current best estimate turn around time anywhere between 4 weeks to 10 weeks*


  • We are not accepting orders for leather at this time. *

Please check at the time of your order for the most up-to-date information about production schedules.

Due to the heavy order backlog, Rush Orders are not currently bei1ng accepted.


Call us to reserve a spot on our Leather waiting list.


Where can I see your furniture in person?

Guest are welcome to visit and tour our factory located at 414 Grayson St. High Point, NC 27260. (By appointment Only)


Please call 800-813-2889 to schedule an appointment time and factory tour.

  • Please note: Due to government restrictions during the current Coronavirus Pandemic we are not scheduling factory tours until further notice.


Do you have any items in stock for immediate delivery?

Everything we make is custom-built just for you. The normal production time is 6 weeks for most fabrics. Production time for leather is typically 8 weeks.


We do have a Rush delivery option. For an additional $300 per order we will ship within 15 business days. The Rush option is only available for fabrics that are in stock or that we can get within one week.

Which fabrics are the best for pets or messy kids?

More than 90% of our fabrics pass heavy-duty requirements on industry abrasion test standards.  In addition we have a large selection of Crypton®  and Bella-Dura® heavy duty “kidproof” (stainproof) fabrics.  We also have a large selection of “pet-friendly” highly stain resistant fabrics that do not attract pet fur as much as microfiber velvets and suedes.

Where can I read customer reviews?

Start with This is one of the largest Review websites in the world with 8 million clicks on the website each month. The furniture section of the website receives 17,000 monthly clicks.  ConsumerAffairs lists reviews for more than 50 major furniture brands. Simplicity Sofas is rated #1.  

Recent Simplicity Sofas reviews can be found by clicking on the Reviews tab at the upper right of this page.

The website also lists several hundred older testimonials by clicking here or on the testimonials tab at the bottom of the page.

Other websites that have Simplicity Sofas reviews include and

Simplicity Sofas is the only furniture company in the U.S. that contacts each of its customers one day after they have received their delivery to specifically ask how they like their new furniture and whether there are any problems that need to be taken care of immediately.

Will your furniture fit through my door or down my stairs?

Yes!!! Yes!!!  Yes!!!

This is our specialty. All of our furniture will fit through 15” wide doors and stairways. It even fits through RV doors, boat hatches, spiral staircases and other places where no other high quality furniture will fit.  As William Shatner stated during a 2013 interview with Simplicity Sofas owner Jeff Frank, “Simplicity Sofas boldly goes where no furniture has gone before.”  In the ten year history of the company only once did a sofa not fit down a basement stairway. The problem was not the 24” wide stairs or the three right angle turns. Where the sofa got stuck was at the last turn where the ceiling height came down to 60”. We took back the sofa, gave the customer a full refund and promised him we would build something that would fit down his stairs. The result was our sectional design.  Our sectionals fit through spaces as small as 8” in width and 36” in height. This includes the 17 ft. x 12 ft. sectional ordered by the ManCave TV show for a home with a 24” wide curving stairway.

Is there a limit on the number of swatches that I can order?

The first 5 fabric swatches are free. Additional fabric swatches are $0.25 each. There is a $1 charge for each leather swatch.




Do you reupholster furniture?

We can reupholster our own furniture, but in most cases our customers prefer to purchase our fitted, tailored slipcovers. These go right over the old fabric and make the piece look completely new at a far lower cost.

Slipcovers include separate covers for each seat and back cushion and a large cover that fits over the back, arms and base.

Also, we can replace individual components that may become damaged or worn out. These include arms, back, base and cushions.

Do you make slipcovers?

We make slipcovers for our entire product line.

Our slipcovers are tightly fitted and come with separate jackets for each seat and back cushion. A single large cover (with a skirt) covers the back, arms and base.  We do not make custom slipcovers for other furniture brands.





How much is shipping?

Important Note: During the Covid19 Pandemic, delivery companies and personel may be subject to local regulations or restrictions regarding entry into a residence. 


Simplicity Sofas Offers 2 Delivery Options:


1)  Threshold Delivery  Service - Price is already included  - No additional charge.  Delivery people will deliver boxes to the first dry area. This may be a garage or covered porch.

2) White-Glove Delivery Service - Additional $300 per order. Delivery people bring boxes into the room of your choice, assemble the furniture for you and remove all packaging materials. White glove delivery is not available in all areas.

There is a $100 surcharge for all shipments to California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

To expedite our "white glove" deliveries, please clear all driveways, doorways, stairways, halls and foyers so that the delivery people have easy access and room to assemble the furniture.

There is also a Rush Delivery option available for some orders. Additional $300 per piece. This option gurarantees a production time of 2 weeks earlier than our current production time. The Rush schedule will be specified at the time the order is placed. The Rush option is only available for orders that specify in-stock fabrics. There are a limited number of Rush Orders that are accepted each month.

If you have any questions or issues prior to, or during your delivery contact us immediately at our customer service hotline 800-813-2889.

Where do you ship?

Simplicity Sofas ships anywhere in the contiguous United States. In addition we ship to Alaska and Canada. Those locations will have additional shipping charges. 

Is there any way to get my furniture sooner?

As of 2020: Rush Deliveries are not currently being accepted due to our heavy order backlog.

How will I know when to expect delivery?

Once all orders are compled, boxed and ready to ship out, you will receive an email with notice. When your order is picked up by Shipping company, you will receive a second email with a tracking number and more helpful details.

You can follow the progress of your order on the shipper’s website by using the tracking number.  When the furniture arrives at the shipper’s nearest terminal they will call you for an appointment. You are free to name any weekday with one week. You will typically receive a 3-4 hour window for delivery.  Unfortunateyly delivery appointments are only available Monday-Friday. White Glove shippers may accommodate requests for weekend delivery service.

How long does delivery take once my order has shipped?

We do not have control over how long the shipping companies take to deliver orders.

We use several different shipping companies and shipping times can vary depending on the distance traveled, specific locations, time of year, weather and other factors.


What should I do if my furniture is damaged during shipping?

Our furniture is shipped unassembled in heavy-duty double walled cartons with lots of padding and reinforced corners and edges. As a result we have far lower rates of damage than other furniture companies.   

 IN CASE OF DAMAGE PLEASE DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENTThis is different than other furniture companies. Because of the modular nature of our furniture we can quickly send you a replacement for any part(s) of your furniture that are damaged. 
We can usually make and ship a new part (arm, back, base, cushion etc.) within 1-2  weeks. Meanwhile you will still have full use of your furniture. You will be able to install the new part in a couple of minutes. No tools are needed. If you refuse the shipment it can take 6 weeks or more for the furniture to be returned to us, repaired and sent back to you. 


No matter how bad the box may look there, damage is very rare. Our packing is at the same quality level as our furniture. Many of our customer reviews state that unpacking the boxes took longer than the furniture assembly.


If there is any problem during delivery please call our customer service hotline immediately at 800-813-2889. If you do not get someone immediately try again a few minutes later.

Will the delivery people take away my old sofa?

Unfortunately, No. 

When do you charge my credit card?

All orders are charged in full when placed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also have a monthly financing option with Affirm.

What is your Return and Cancellation Policy?

Returns & Cancellations 

Our most important goal is the total satisfaction of our customers. Since opening our first factory in 2007 Simplicity Sofas has achieved national recognition every year for its superior quality and customer service.

Every piece of furniture crafted by Simplicity Sofas is built one piece at a time and customized to the specifications of our customers.

Since your furniture is built exclusively for you we cannot accept returns or cancellations. However we will do everything possible to ensure that you will be completely happy with your purchase.

This begins with the premium materials used in our furniture. All aspects of production are performed by highly experienced expert craftspeople. Before shipping, your furniture will be thoroughly inspected, carefully padded and packed in sturdy double wall corrugated cartons. We ship using trusted shipping firms experienced in furniture delivery.

The result is that when your furniture is received it is extremely unusual for there to be any defects or damage. If any problems arise during shipment or delivery our customer service hotline.

Simplicity Sofas' patented modular furniture design features interchangeable, replaceable components. This allows us to quickly replace any individual part of your furniture that may become damaged, stained or worn out during the lifetime of your furniture.

We can usually build and ship interchangeable replacement parts, including arms, backs, foundations, legs, cushion covers, cushion cores and accessory items, within a few weeks (Production varies per piece). The quick assembly design allows our customers to replace any of these parts in just a few minutes without tools.

Your Simplicity Sofas furniture is made to last for a very long time. If you experience any problems during the lifetime of your furniture please contact our Customer Service Hotline. A knowledgeable and experienced customer service executive will be available to help.

Special orders - Occasionally, we accept customers' requests for special modifications or options that are not shown on our website. These special modifications may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Special fabrics

  • Special cushions

Special modifications may alter the look or comfort of our furniture. We cannot accept any cancellations and will not make refunds for orders that include customer requested modifications.



If I have questions, can I call someone?

Yes, Our Customer Service Hotline 800-813-2889 is available Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

  In the rare case that you do not get someone answering the hotline immediately please call back an hour later.

Do you offer any financing plans?

Simplicity Sofas has partnered with Affirm to offer consumer-friendly terms to split purchases into monthly installments. During the checkout process, you can access the Affirm tab, where you’ll be directed to a separate site for the application process.  Terms are exclusively between the consumer and Affirm.  Simplicity Sofas employees have no access to this information and cannot provide any information about your account with Affirm.  Affirm provides a decision within seconds of application submission, so if you're looking to purchase furniture now and pay later, head on over to the payment tab in the checkout process. 

Will I be charged for the full total at time I place order or when it ships?

All orders are charged in full when placed. 

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  We also offer financing.

Can I order and then change my fabric after receiving the fabric swatches?

If you place the order without seeing any fabric swatches first, we will send you the swatch you have selected and other similar fabrics to get your approval before proceeding.  

Please keep in mind that production will begin a week after you confirm/approve fabric. 



Is there a sales tax?

We collect sales tax only for shipments within North Carolina. 


What fabrics do you recommend for homes with pets?

Trying to find the best fabric for your furniture when you own cats or dogs can be challenging.  We try to make your decision easier with our pet-friendly fabric selections. These are heavy-duty stain-resistant fabrics with a tighter weave that is less likely to gather pet fur.  We have found that most microfiber velvets and suedes are fur-attracting magnets and that there are much better selections available.

How do I clean my fabric?

Most furniture companies insist on sticking to the old (very old) cleaning code system where W means that you should use only water-based upholstery cleaning products and S code indicates that you should clean without water using only a dry-cleaning solvent. X code means you’re in trouble because there is no way to clean that fabric.  

Actually there is a much better way to figure out how to clean your fabric. Find out what your fabric is made from (polyester, microfiber, cotton, etc.) If you have purchased your furniture from Simplicity Sofas you can find out the type of fabric you have by calling the customer service hotline.

Then go to Google or your favorite search engine and ask how to clean the specific type of stain from that type of fabric.  For example – “How do I clean a mustard stain from a polyester sofa?” In almost every case there will be multiple articles on that exact topic.  Keep in mind that the best treatment for one type of stain may not be the best for another type.

What type of leather does Simplicity Sofas use?

We use only top-grain hides. Our aniline leathers come from Europe and are processed in Italy.

We also have semi-aniline hides from South America which are then processed in Italy.

Because hides vary in color and texture, each piece will have its own unique characteristics. Natural markings such as wrinkles and scars are normal and even expected as an assurance you have an authentic leather product. Also, there may be some variation in dye lots between different hides.


Leather Orders are not currently being accepted due to our heavy backlog. Leather takes us 4x as long to make as fabric upholstery.