Simplicity Sofas Offers 3 Delivery Options:

For assistance with shipping rates call us at 800-813-2889.

1)  FREE Drop-Ship Delivery Service
UPS Freight will first call you for an appointment time for delivery. They will not show up without an appointment.

With the Free Delivery Option UPS Freight will bring your furniture to your home and take all boxes off the truck. They will not bring the boxes into your home or assemble the furniture for you.

UPS Freight delivers our furniture using large 18-wheel trucks to the required destination. If your address cannot accept this type of vehicle, please notify us so we can set up an alternative delivery method. Call toll free at 800-813-2889 to discuss all options that may be available to you.

Assembly of our furniture is very simple, requiring about 15 minutes for a sofa. No tools are required. A short 1-page instruction sheet is attached to the bottom of the furniture. There is also a video on the website showing a sofa being assembled in less than 5 minutes by small children.

FREE Drop-Ship delivery is available in all 48 contiguous states except for New York City. New York City rates are listed under "White Glove Shipping Rates" which can be found below or call us at 800-813-2889.

There is a $100 surcharge for shipments to California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Montana.

This free drop-ship service is not available in Manhattan or Brooklyn. It is also not available to APARTMENTS in other NYC boroughs but may be available to detached homes in areas accessible to large trucks. Please contact us with any questions so we can set up a convenient shipping experience for you. 


2) Threshold Delivery - Your delivery arrives on a smaller truck and is delivered to the nearest doorway. This may be a garage or closed in porch. There is an additional $100 charge per order for the threshold delivery service.

3) Premium "White-Glove" Delivery Service

$150 for the 1st item and $50 for each additional item* (except sectionals).  White Glove Service for Sectionals is $50 per seat unit.

Our "White-Glove" delivery includes personal service by 2 trained individuals who deliver and assemble your furniture, placing the pieces where you request and also removing the empty boxes for you.

The charge for this service is a $150 flat fee for the first item. Additional items are $50 each. Items include sofas, love seats, chairs and ottomans. There is no extra shipping charge for slipcovers or other options such as throw pillows. For example – If you order a white glove delivery for a sofa, chair and slipcover options, the shipping cost is $150 for the sofa + $50 for the chair + $0 for slipcover options = $200. It's that simple.

Shipments to New York City (zip codes 10001-11699) can only be sent by White Glove Service unless the destination is a free-standing home or a business that can be accessed by a large 18-wheel truck. Please call 800-813-2889 if you need assistance.

To expedite our "white glove" deliveries, please clear all driveways, doorways, stairways, halls and foyers so that the delivery people have easy access and room to assemble the furniture.

Sectional Shipping Options - Visit our Sectionals Blog Page to learn more.
Also check out our Sectionals page where you can view many different configurations. Please call our toll free number 800-813-2889 with any questions regarding ordering your Sectional.

1. Free Drop-Ship delivery service for Sectionals is the same as described above on this shipping page.

2. White Glove Delivery is $50 per seat for Sectionals as described above on this shipping page.

If you have any questions or issues prior to, or during your delivery contact us immediately at our customer service hotline 800-813-2889. There will always be someone available to assist you.

We're here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 800-813-2889 or contact us at: