Replacement sofa cushions.

Replacement sofa cushions.

Customer Question

We got a new sofa foam cushion core that is 24 inches. But the frame is just 23 inch.
Will this be a problem in the future or should we get the foam cut down by an inch?

Replacement cushion core inserts should be slightly larger than the cushion cover (and the space where the cushion will fit.) 

  • The larger insert fills out the cushion cover more completely and eliminates gaps or wrinkles that would occur if both were the same size.

In order to fill the cushion cover completely (and fit your sofa), your replacement foam should also be wrapped in a layer of polyester dacron fiber (or other soft material such as feathers, cotton batting, memory gel foam, etc.)

  • The foam core with its wrapping should then be enclosed in a non-woven fabric casing. Encasing the cushion core preserves  the shape and increases the cushion's lifespan.




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