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Ask the Furniture Expert is a Question and Answer forum from the author of the Insider's Guide to Furniture.

It provides:

  • Clear, detailed information about furniture quality, construction, cost analysis and value.

  • Unbiased brand name comparisons and recommendations. (No compensation is received from any of the brands or companies named.)

  • Clarification of contradictory information received from sales personnel and home furnishings articles.

  • Definitions and explanations of confusing furniture terms and descriptions. 

  • Sales, advertising and warranty tricks, traps and warnings.

The answers found in Ask the Expert are the personal opinions and advice of Jeff Frank. His background includes:

  • Author of 800+ furniture-related articles with over 1 million views.

  • Founder and author of the Insider's Guide to Furniture.com home furnishings blog and the Simplicity Sofas furniture blog.

  • 45+ years in the furniture industry. Time served includes hands-on experience with Furniture manufacturing, retailing, product design, marketing & advertising, Sales and showroom management, Purchasing and Cost analysis.
  • Awarded 7 patents for commercially successful multi-functional furniture products. 

  • Former owner of Simplicity Sofas, Former buyer for a major retail furniture chain, Former furniture salesperson, manager, sales rep, customer service manager and more. 



1) All information found in the Blog and Q&A Sections of this Website are based on the author's general knowledge and experience. Jeff Frank, a 45 year furniture industry veteran and independent consultant, is the sole author.

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6) At a minimum, prior to purchasing furniture, it is advised that you do a Google search for "Reviews and Complaints" of any furniture brands and retailers you are considering. 

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