Which is Better for Large and Tall people? LaZBoy or Craftmaster?

Which is Better for Large and Tall people? LaZBoy or Craftmaster?

Customer Question

Which couch is better for tall people weighing 200 - 350 lbs. Craftmaster or LaZBoy?

In general, these two brands are very similar in overall quality. LaZBoy does make some pieces specifically for larger and taller people, which may make them more comfortable for you. 
The biggest problem you will find with both brands is that the seat cushions will wear out far more quickly when used frequently by someone weighing 250 lbs. or more. 
  • LaZBoy makes a proprietary Comfort Core cushion with multiple layers of foam. This may last longer than Craftmaster's cushions, but I cannot confirm that.
Craftmaster cushion cores can be replaced by any local upholstery shop. When they replace the cores, ask for a higher density foam. (2.5 or higher will hold up far longer than the standard 1.8 or 2.0 density.)

LaZBoy cushion cores sometimes have unusual shapes, which are not easily replicated by local upholsterers. You have to go through the LaZBoy dealer to get replacement cores.
  • As far as I know, LaZBoy does not make heavier density replacement cores, so your seat cushions are going to wear out just as fast the second time.
 Photo shown above is LaZBoy's Laurel sofa for Big and Tall people.


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