How do I clean my dirty sofa?

How do I clean my dirty sofa?

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What is the best way to clean my Simplicity sofa? I love my sofa, but two years of indoor living during the Pandemic has left some stains I’d like to remove.

Your sofa has a 100% polyester fabric. If you google, "How do I clean a polyester sofa?" you should get about a dozen articles suggesting best methods for general cleaning.
If you have a specific type of stain, include that in your question. For example, "How do I clean a red wine stain from my polyester sofa?"
If you intend to wash your cushion covers, be very careful not to use hot water. Do not use any heat to dry the covers after they have been washed. Heat will shrink most fabrics and you will not be able to replace the covers.
Cleaning codes have been around for nearly 100 years. They are very general and do not indicate the best way to clean specific fabrics or specific stains.
For best results you can remove the cushion covers and take them to a drycleaners.
Unlike most other furniture manufacturers, Simplicity Sofas specifically designs its cushions so that the covers can be easily removed and replaced without professional assistance.
In a worst case scenario, you can purchase replacement covers from us. The cost is $60 per seat cushion and $30 per back cushion.




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