What is the quality of HickoryCraft Furniture?

What is the quality of HickoryCraft Furniture?

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What is the overall quality of Hickorycraft furniture.

Hickorycraft is a sub-brand of Craftmaster. It is supposed to be the high end of Craftmaster, but the primary difference in construction between the two brands seems to be that HickoryCraft items are more highly customizable.

  • Craftmaster has about 400 employees in its Taylorsville, NC manufacturing facilities. 

  • Craftmaster is owned by Lacquercraft, a huge Chinese furniture manufacturer.

  • Lacquercraft supplies many of the materials and parts used in Craftmaster furniture.

Craftmaster is above average in quality for U.S. made mid-priced sofas.  

The diagram below is from the Craftmaster website. My observations are in RED.





  1. - Hardwood Frame Consisting Of Hardwood Rails And Hardwood Laminates. This is standard for mid-priced furniture and should last 10 - 20 years.

  2. - Heavily Padded Arms. Standard

  3. - Tie Wires On Back & Seat Springs For Additional Support. Standard, but not all mid-range manufacturers take the time to do this. 

  4. - Heavy Gauge Sinuous Wire Springs For Durability And Comfort. Cheapest type of foundation support. Not as comfortable as coil springs, but should last 20 years or more.  

  5. - Heavily Padded In-Back. Standard

  6. - 100% Dacron Polyester Fiber Back Cushion Encased In A Sewn Ticking With Separate Compartments To Prevent Fiber Fall Down. Above average

  7. - 2.0 Density High Resiliency Foam Core With Dacron Fiber Wrapping. Above average. 2.0 density cushions should last about 1 year longer than standard 1.8 density foam cushions. An average lifespan for these cushions is 4 - 6 years before the cores will need replacement.

  8. - Fully Lined Tailored Skirts. This is the correct way to make a skirt. Not everybody does.

  9. - Padded Edge Roll. Above average.

  10. - Insulated Seat Pad For Added Comfort. Standard

  11. - Joints Are Mortise And Tenon Or Double Dowelled, Glued, & Corner Blocked For Durability. Good (but not great) joint construction techniques.

  12. - Wood Legs On Skirted Frames Are Built Into The Frame For Strength & Durability. Exposed Wood, Decorative Legs Are Securely Mounted To The Base Of The Frame. Built-in legs are stronger than screw in legs, but make it harder to fit a sofa through a doorway. If your Craftmaster sofa does not have a skirt, you probably will screw-in legs. Heavier pieces, such as sleepers and recliners usually have built-in legs.

In general, HickoryCraft's construction is similar to the Craftmaster outlined above. The HickoryCraft line allows more customization than Craftmaster.


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