Each Simplicity Sofas mid-size sofa and couch is indiviually custom crafted, one piece at a time, at our factory located in High Point, North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the World

  • Simplicity Sofas builds mid-size couches and sofas that fit through narrow doors and stairways where other high quality seating cannot go.
  • All Simplicity Sofas mid-size couches fit through 15 inch wide doors and stairways
  • Only Simplicity Sofas makes mid-size sofas designed to fit through narrow doors, halls and staicases found in older classic and vintage homes.

Simplicity Sofas offers a large selection of mid-size sofas available in 200+ fabrics and leathers, including high performance American made fabrics. 

  • Kid proof and pet friendly fabric selections and genuine European aniline top grain leathers are available.

The modular design of our mid-sized sofas and couches allows individual components (arms, backs, bases, legs, cushion covers, cushion inserts) to be quicly, easily and inexpensively repaired or replaced without the need to return the furniture to the factory or to hire expensive professional repair personnel.

  • Each Simplicity Sofas mid-size sofa is constructed with solid oak frames and 2.5 density Ultracel HR (High Resiliency) foam that will stand up to daily use far longer than mass produced furniture found in retail stores.


Simplicity Sofas is an award-winning manufacturer of Made in America sleepers, sofas and sectionals.

  • These awards include a $20,000 Grand Prize in a nationwide competition for Most Innovative American Small Business.
  • Simplicity Sofas can be found on many lists of Best American Furniture Manufacturers and Direct to Consumer sellers.
  • We do not sell through retail stores. All sales are direct to the public only
  • Bypassing the standard retailer's markup allows Simplicity Sofas to furnish superior quality custom-built mid-size sofas at prices similar to better quality mass produced brands made with plywood frames and inferior cushions.

Only premium materials are used in our furniture. Over 90% of component parts and 50% of fabrics are locally sourced in North Carolina.

Mid-Size Sofas