Each Simplicity Sofas full and queen size sleeper sofa is individually custom crafted, one piece at a time at our factory located in High Point, North Carolina, the Furniture Capital of the World

  • Simplicity Sofas builds queen and full size sleepers that fit through narrow doors and stairways where other high quality sleep sofas cannot go.
  • All Simplicity Sofas sofa sleepers fit through 15 inch wide doors and stairways where other sofa beds cannot go.

Only premium materials are used in our furniture. Over 90% of component parts and 50% of fabrics are locally sourced in North Carolina. Our furniture is certified Made in America.

Our queen size and full size small sleepers are perfect for smaller homes and apartments with narrow doors and stairways -- including RV doorways and boat hatches where no other sofa beds can go.   

Simplicity Sleepers have several special features that distinguish them from sleeper sofas available from other manufacturers and furniture stores. These include:

  • 32 inch overall depth. This is 5 - 10 inches less than other high quality sofa beds. This is accomplished without reducing the seat depth or comfort compared with other high end sleep sofas with larger overall depths.
  • Can be assembled, dis-assembled and re-assembled dozens of times with no loss of strength or structural integrity.
  • Fits into an SUV or minivan for transportation when dis-assembled.
  • Multiple custom options are available.





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