Testimonials From Our Amazing Customers

My sofa finally arrived and it is perfect! The color, fabric and size is great. My husband and I really did put it together in 15 minutes. I was almost laughing at how unusual and easy it was to do.

As far as customer service - I would send anyone to your company for that alone. It was excellent!! Everyone I spoke with (including Jeff Frank) was knowledgeable, patient with my questions , friendly and very pleasant. The quality of the furniture seems just fine and the concept is great - this is the only way I could have a large couch in my downstairs family room. We will be trying out the blowup mattress when my family visits. Thank you again for your fine service.

Johanna Z.
Whitefish Bay, WI

I was finally able to bring the sofa pieces up stairs and put the sofa together. It is absolutely wonderful! I love the dark brown and the contrasting welting color. It looks so rich!

The assembly went smoothly and quickly. What was great was there was your 1-800 number on the instructions which I called and the woman on the line told me to use them for the arm attachments. It was a snap.

What pleases me most is the quality of the sofa! It is wonderful with the springs, the down-filled cushions, the luscious ultra-suede fabric, and the overall excellent construction! I am so happy that I chose Simplicity Sofas. The entire purchase from beginning to end was flawless - thank you and all of your staff for making it a pleasant experience.

Kathy K.
New Brighton, MN

Love the slipcover, it's perfect! I love the versatility this will offer us -- i'll likely order another one at some point. Simplicity sofas overall -- great quality, great customer service, likely the best purchasing experience I've ever had from start to finish!

Beverly W
Baltimore, MD

The attached photo is of the sofa and armchair that we received from Simplicity Sofas a few days ago. Looking good, and very comfortable!  Thank you for all your help in sorting out the leathers and design details. BTW the special-order ears on the sofa and chair back cushions are just wonderfully comfortable. Glad I asked for them and that you were able to accommodate my request.

Helen K
Alexandria, VA

I can't tell you how impressed my husband and i are that you took the time on saturday to take think of our concerns. this entire experience has been wonderful insight into an excellent american company.

No reasonable person ever expects that there won't occasionally be a problem with something ordered. and especially in our case when there was an a-typical material involved. the true test of a company is not whether there is the odd glitch, but, rather, how they handle it. you have handled it beautifully. Your solution sounds perfect. we have no problem at all waiting. i'll call ann with the credit card info. thanks again.

Deb & Tony L.
Lyne, CT

I apologize for not writing last night. I absolutely love the sofa! It literally went together in 10 minutes. It is perfect for our motorhome and went through the door very easily. I can't imagine why anyone would pay the price for "RV" sofas when these are much nicer, plus they wanted to charge us $900 just to get an RV sofa installed. This is the perfect solution.

I'm very impressed with the design and the quality. And customer service….wow! From the first email I have been impressed by the integrity of the company. I cannot think of one thing I would suggest changing. I have told all my friends about your company.

Thank you all for being so great to work with! Until next time I need furniture.

PS. I'm going to recommend Simplicity Sofas to our RV service rep so that he has an alternative to offer his customers.

Cathy B
Rohnert Park, CA

We love the furniture we got from Simplicity Sofas. It's excellent. It was great with the customer service team. They were very helpful to us. We originally called Simplicity Sofas back in the summer, around July fourth, and we actually got the president on the line. He talked to us because there wasn't anyone else around. We had talked to him a couple of times. We weren't sure what color we wanted and they were very helpful and sent us about 25 samples of different fabrics to help us decide what color and which fabric we wanted. They said, "We'll send you a whole bunch of different grays," or whatever it was we were looking for. We got every sample variation you could think of and this was really great and made it easy for us to pick what to get. 

Our Simplicity purchase solved the problem that we've had for years in getting furniture. We live in an old Victorian house and to get the furniture up a narrow, twisty, winding staircase and through a very narrow door was almost impossible. I had personally carried furniture up a few times before around the third floor. Once the couch had made it up here, but the legs were spindly and didn't last very long. We had also found some recliners that had backs that came off and we could get them up the stairs, but the quality wasn't that good and it was very difficult getting them through the door. In fact, one of them tore as we were trying to push it through the door. 

However, this was no problem whatsoever with the Simplicity furniture because it came in sections that snap together, and it was easy putting the sections together. We had the furniture delivered and the delivery guys put it together. The quality of the Simplicity furniture we got is really good. We were surprised because the president said, "Hey, I'm coming out with a recliner. You want to do that?" and we said, "Yeah, sure," so we ordered the reclining loveseat that wasn't on the webpage, and when it got here, it turned out to be a power recliner. 

It was really good with Simplicity. We've already recommended them to a friend. In addition, we've brought in a woman across the street who's a real estate agent in the area and told her, "Look. Your clients are gonna want this." The Simplicity furniture is such a great fit since the area we live in has a lot of old Victorian houses and many of our neighbors have the same problem that we had. So, if this real estate agent knows about Simplicity, that could be helpful to her clients, too.

Tony and Linda C.
Ocean Grove, NJ

The sofa is fantastic! I didn't expect an unassembled sofa to look and feel this great. My mother was impressed as well and wanted to know where I got it. Also, UPS arrived on time and offered to help me carry it up some stairs even though that wasn't included in the service. Sofa was easy to assemble, no problems at all. And I think your customer service is excellent, especially the way you follow up with your customers. Sorry I don't have anything but compliments, but I'm really loving this sofa and your company! Sincerely,

Debra L
Cincinnati, OH

Talk to most RVers. They would likely agree that stock RV furniture is lacking, both in style and quality of construction. Many people wind up replacing their furniture within a year or two. Since ordering our RV we've learned that one usually has the option of ordering without any furniture at all (and get credited on the sale price of the RV). While we love our KZ, the living room (we call it 'the great room') furniture that came with it left much to be desired.

Our sofa was definitely at the top of our short list to replace. But given the parameters of our living area and restrictions of size and weight of conventional furniture, what were we to do? In December we stumbled across the Simplicitysofas.com web site. Their products were not only intriguing from a quality standpoint but they also fit our tastes in design, fabric and color.

Simplicity Sofas appeared to be constructed with small spaces in mind, to fit through narrow doorways, and to be easily assembled, which encouraged us to dig further. We ordered a catalog, some fabric samples, and exchanged emails and phone calls with the company, usually communicating directly with owner/president, Jeff Frank.

Jeff was quick to respond to our every question, which left us with the impression that the company's claim to first-rate 24/7 customer service was not sales hype. Heartening first steps. After reviewing fabric samples and discussing/measuring what would be a good fit, along with reading many positive customer experiences, we opted to take the plunge.

On December 26 we ordered our 'apartment' sized sofa. Mind you ' we've never sat on a Simplicity Sofa so we were more than a little nervous about ordering furniture sight unseen ' or 'unsat'. We had an additional concern about ordering a sofa so close to our departure to Ecuador. Jeff assured us that even with the company's Christmas and New Year's holiday break schedules, it would arrive when we needed it to arrive. Jeff kept us updated on the sofa's build process and delivery schedule via email.

Sure enough, our sofa arrived from North Carolina via UPS freight in three boxes (total 160 pounds) on Friday January 22, less than a month after placing our order. Prior to its arrival we found a home for our less than year-old RV sofa. Another couple in our RV park was looking to replace their aged sofa and were delighted to receive ours. Our one condition: in lieu of any payment to us, that they make a donation to a Haitian earthquake relief organization of their choice to which they heartily agreed.

Simplicity Sofa stated that their sofas are built using solid oak frames and may be assembled in less than fifteen minutes. Too good to be true? It took less than ten minutes to EASILY move the three pieces into the RV and assemble them following clear and concise instructions without any tools. The frame is solid and well built as opposed to the stapled-together sofa that started to fall apart the moment we levered it out the door. Not only does the fabric look and feel great, it's very comfortable to sit on. Add some throw pillows and we're good to go. It took far longer to cut up the cardboard shipping boxes for recycling!

So what did we give up by making the swap? The old sofa had a slide out drawer for under-seat storage. However, the drawer was unwieldy to open and close and because it had already had come off one of the two rails, it was pretty useless. And we didn't need the storage space anyway. The sofa folded out to accommodate an air mattress but when it was open, it took up too much space. The new sofa is not a sleeper sofa but we kept the air mattress and in a pinch, it will fit on the floor in front of the sofa. While it would not have worked for our situation, Simplicity Sofa offers an airbed option but only on their full-sized sofas.

And what did we gain? A great looking well-constructed sofa that fits nicely into the space allotted. It's far more comfortable to sit on and our choice of fabric blends well with the colors of the RV interior. Alas, the photo of the new sofa doesn't do the subtle "Pebble Sage" color justice.

We're extremely pleased with Simplicity Sofa. A company that was easy to deal with, provided excellent customer service and delivered a product that was exactly what was promised. In fact, their products would fit well in numerous home settings regardless of space constraints. As for RVers looking to replace their stock RV furniture, we couldn't recommend a better solution than Simplicity Sofa. Maybe it's time to replace the swivel recliner.

Tom & Carol S
Mission, TX

I am so impressed by your service and your product. We live in an old farmhouse (built in the 1850's) and the doorways are very narrow. I have told everyone I know about how easy it was to put the sofa together. It literally took my husband and I longer to unpack the boxes than it did to assemble the sofa. I will be very interested to see how it wears over the years.

When the sofa arrived in Bangor ME and I was notified we did have to alter arrangements to pick up the boxes. Our road was "posted" which means freight trucks over a certain weight cannot use what is normally a main road due to harsh winter wear. We did meet the truck and driver in Newport not very far away and got the two boxes in our pickup truck. All went well.

Again, we are very impressed by the company, the willingness to send many fabric samples, and the ease with which we got the sofa assembled. Thank you for your concern.

Brenda & Larry J.
Corinna, ME

Doing the purchase online with Simplicity Sofas was very easy. The website was very clear about what was included and why, if I wanted the set, and what it entails, like difference in the firmness and the cushions. It was very easy to understand and to use, and that's very important to me.

The customer service team has been great too. They're very attentive and answered everything very quickly. I went down to visit the showroom and I bought two couches there because they had a sale room, and then ordered a third one which is to be delivered yet. They were all terrific.

Before I went to their showroom, I was emailing the owner because I might like to choose my own fabric and they were absolutely fine about doing that and to help me. They also told me “Here’s a website that we order from. You might get a discount. We can get a discount from them if you like any of theirs.” So, I couldn't have been happier. It’s all business and it’s excellent.


Barbara W.
Bridgewater, NJ

Sorry it's taken so long to provide feedback. Work has been very busy.

The following is something you could use for your website: I ordered a sectional set from Simplicity Sofas after reading numerous positive reviews on the internet. I needed furniture that could fit down the stairwell into our basement, and being in the military,furniture that is easily moved.

I had a very large number of questions about materials, sizes, and options. Jeff Frank was extremely responsive and provided prompt, extremely detailed answers to all of my questions. I was impressed at the level of customer support. I went ahead and ordered the sectional.

After I ordered the sectional, I had some additional questions that Jeff once again answered promptly ' in fact, he made a special note to his production manager to ensure my sectional was built to meet my needs 'he advised me that this might take a few more days to deliver. Simplicity Sofas beat their delivery estimate. The sectional arrived securely packed and wrapped in heavy plastic ' everything came through without damage. Upon assembly (which was extremely easy) I did discover an issue with production 'some threaded inserts for the ottoman legs did not get installed.

Once again, Simplicity's customer service was outstanding ' I was presented with a couple of options to resolve the issue ' all at no cost to me. Simplicity stands behind their products and the issue was resolved. After about a month and a half so far, I've found the sectional to be well made and comfortable ' I am very pleased with my purchase and expect to get many years of enjoyment with this set. Thanks again to Jeff and Simplicity Sofas. Feel free to edit the words if they're too long.

Rob L.
Summerville, SC

The sofa is beautiful. The assembly was straightforward and easy. Initially, we thought the cushions were a bit too firm but after breaking them in for a few weeks they seem just perfect now. I haven't had a chance to set up the EnduraEase sleeper system yet. I'm sure it will probably be an easy setup.

I am trying to think of any suggestions I have for improvements and right now I am drawing a blank. Excellent product - excellent service! If I think of anything down the road I will let you know.

Michael R.
Salem, SC

Just want to let you know that we love the sofa. The new back cushions that you sent work great. We cannot believe that we are on a boat and have such a comfortable couch. This is a great product and a great solution for anyone that needs real furniture but can't get it through the door.

Barbara C.
Gulf Shores, AL

Great Concept for Furniture!

I was able to carry this up our hill myself. It was slick to put together, more furniture should be built this way as far as I am concerned, it makes moving furniture in and out of rooms very convenient. We only have a 15 inch opening into the room and without simplicity we would not have a couch in that office. Detail is fantastic down to the zippered access for assembly.

Dr. Richard T.
Vashon Island, WA

Wow . . .We're impressed with the "personal" eMail . . and its length....Very detailed...

First let me thank you for responding so quickly, and as mentioned,...with important details... You certainly didn't waste any time following up on some of my comments,...GREAT....I hope future customers will appreciate your conscientious efforts,...You mean what you say !! It's easy to see, much thought went into the designs of this unique furniture.

Again, we will not hesitate to recommend "Simplicity Sofas" to our friends and relatives, who have similar "tight fits" and certainly those that would benefit from furniture that can be "broken down" for ease of storage or shipping...etc...

We will keep you posted on the furniture, as we get to enjoy it...both positive and constructive feedback,...as appropriate... Thanks again for your time/attention . . .feedback.. Have a fantastic day, rest of the week. . !!

Joe & Kathie
Litchfield, NH

I commend how you manage your company. As a past owner of a computer company I recognize how important it is to respond to customer concerns. I always told my staff that ignoring a customer problem only exacerbates the situation. As I mentioned in a previous email, the main reason I purchased the furniture from your company, was the absence of complaints.

I have no history with your furniture, but the strength of your support for your product leads me to believe that I will have limited if any, future problems with the furniture. After having a discussion with my wife, it appears your offer to provide slip covers for the couch and chairs seems to be the best solution.

I don’t feel it’s my place to advise you about business and I recognize your focus is to address a specific segment of the furniture market. You’re building a strong positive reputation in a market that suffers one of the worst and abundance of negative customer feelings.

Feel free to use me as a reference and if someone wants to see your furniture out here, I’d be happy to talk with them. Best Regards,

Dave L
Freemont, CA

I ordered a sofa and a chair to be delivered to Coral Gables, Fla. on June 28. When they saw that it may be late, the vice-president and her husband drove all the way from North Carolina with it(over 800 miles each way) so we would get it on time.

What kind of company is this? Unbelievable!Not only is the furniture beautiful, but customer relations are above and beyond caring. Thank you again Simplicity. You're the best!

Sandra D
Coral Gables, FL

WOW, you folks said you would try to get us the sectional before Thanksgiving and you were good to your word!

Our sofa arrived early Monday morning and we are extremely pleased with our new sectional. It arrived without any incidents, was perfectly packaged, and exceeded all our expectations. My husband had no difficulty getting it down our stairway, putting it together and securing the individual pieces. Although we did not "test drive" the sectional before ordering, we love the chosen color, it fits perfectly in our basement family room, and is soooo comfortable! We can't wait for the family to come on Thanksgiving to enjoy a new comfortable place to entertain!

We will definitely be singing the praises of Simplicity Sofas to everyone we know. Thank you for a great product and wonderful customer service.

Donna and Bill
Haddonfield, NJ

We love our new sofa!!!

I can't believe how lucky we were to find Simplicity Sofas at the Hershey RV show. The sofa fits perfectly in our TV room and is an ideal match with our carpet. I wish we had known about you before we bought our living room loveseats two years ago. Hey, you never know. We may be in the market for more sofas!

The pictures attached don't do justice to how nice it actually looks in the room. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you.

Bob and Susen
Middlesex, NJ

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