Where Can I Find Better Quality Reclining Furniture?

Where Can I Find Better Quality Reclining Furniture?

Customer Question

We purchased a power leather Flexsteel sofa 4 years ago, which is already “flaking” (where our heads go.) The most annoying problem is the fact that the seat cushions have “settled” and are really uncomfortable now.

I just read your article about bonded leather (wish I’d seen that prior to purchase) and realize the more $ spent = better quality, etc.

Is there a good brand of power reclining sofa that won’t break the bank? I don’t want to go through this again as I feel we’ve just wasted $2k+ on a piece of junk).

Unfortunately, better quality reclining sofas do cost more.
The article lists 18 different brands rated by best to worst quality. The top 9 are significantly better quality than the bottom 9.
  • The top 9 brands listed are custom manufacturers. All are leather specialists, but also carry a broad variety of lower cost high performance fabrics.
  • The bottom 9 brands are large mass producers. Most (but not all) of the "leather" found in this price range will be "leather match," "bonded leather" or other types of faux leathers.

Price is by far the #1 factor for shoppers buying low and mid-priced reclining furniture. As a result there is cutthroat competition by the large mass producers to reach the lowest possible cost.

  • This emphasis on cost reduction results in lower quality materials and construction quality.
Flexsteel is currently rated #13 in the blog article, but actually should not be on this list at all since they no longer make reclining furniture in the U.S. 
The linked blog article highlights American reclining furniture brands. Europe and Canada also have some high quality brands. I advise avoiding reclining furniture made in Asia or Mexico.
Photo shown above is courtesy of American Leather.