What Makes Simplicity Sofas Different from All Other Furniture Companies?

jenna-rs.jpegAll Simplicity Sofas furniture is unique. We invent and design everything we make (with the exception of the storage ottomans.) Co-inventors Glenn Laughlin and Jeff Frank share 6 patents (and another one pending) for multi-functional and ready-to-assemble upholstered furniture.

Simplicity Sofas does not sell its products through retailers, wholesalers or distributors. To off-set the high manufacturing costs of its American-made hand-crafted custom-built furniture, all sales are made direct to consumers through the company’s e-commerce website. 

All Simplicity Sofas' products are produced using an extreme modular customization approach. Although the theory of modular customization has been known for many years, few manufacturers are able to utilize it to the extent that Simplicity Sofas does. Every frame component used by Simplicity Sofas can be used in thousands of different end products.  This allows the company to offer more than 100,000 different product options and combinations (sofas, sleepers, chairs and sectionals) using a total of only 30 common frame components.

All Simplicity Sofas furniture is hand-crafted one piece at a time by highly experienced and skilled local North Carolina craftspeople. There is no mass production. This modular customization and rapid turn-around time for hand-built products cannot be duplicated by overseas manufacturers. 

Simplicity Sofas' patented QAS (Quick Assembly System) enables an individual customer to assemble a sofa in 15 minutes or less with no tools. Since customers found it difficult to believe that the assembly could really be that simple, the company made a video featuring an 8 year old boy assembling a full-size sofa by himself in less than 5 minutes. Click Here To Watch! 

Here is another video showing a 7 year old girl assembling a sectional armless unit in less than 1 minute. Click Here To Watch! 

There is a one page assembly instruction sheet for all sofas and chairs. The instruction sheet has a total of 54 words and 6 pictures.  The sectionals do not require an instruction sheet at all. It is so simple it cannot be assembled incorrectly.

Simplicity Sofas offers the furniture industry's only Total Satisfaction Warranty:
"If you do not like our furniture for any reason whatsoever you may return it for a full refund, including all shipping charges, for a period of one year after purchase."

Simplicity Sofas' builds sales through Word of Mouth referrals. It is the only company in the furniture industry that contacts every one of its customers within one business day after delivery to ask:

    • whether the customer is happy with the furniture
    • what they thought of the customer service and 
    • whether there are any problems that need to be addressed immediately. 

Simplicity Sofas has established a nationwide network of customers who volunteer to show off the Simplicity Sofas furniture in their homes to prospective new customers. 

In an industry with a well-deserved notoriety for horrendous customer service Simplicity Sofas has earned a national reputation for providing a level of "extreme" customer service never before approached by a furniture company. Dozens of articles have been written about our unique "extreme" customer service philosophy. 

After nearly 8 years and more than 3000 individual customer shipments Simplicity Sofas has never received a negative review, either from its customers or from industry professionals.