Simplicity Sofas Cushion Options

Simplicity Sofas now offers (3) different cushion options:


1) 1.8 density HR (High Resilience) Polyurethane foam cushions - 3 Year Warranty

This is our standard cushion. The foam has a life expectancy of 3-5 years (when used an average of 1-2 hours per day.) These cushions are backed by a 3 year warranty. (If you have any problem with the foam part of the cushion we will replace it free of charge if we are notified within 3 years of the date of purchase.) 

2) 2.4 density Ultracel™   HR (High Resilience) foam cushions - Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. (This optional upgrade is $75 per seat cushion.)

Our 2.4 density Ultracel™  foam cushion is one of the finest quality cushions available in the furniture industry at any price. It is built for a lifetime of heavy use and is also Eco-friendly, fabricated using a soybean derivitive that reduces the need for petroleum-based ingredients. (Details furnishied below.)

This is a super-premium cushion. The 2.4 density foam has a life expectancy of 15 years (when used an average of 4-5 hours per day.) These cushions are backed by an unlimited lifetime warranty. (If you have any problem with the foam part of the cushion we will replace it free of charge as long as you own our furniture.) 

Why Ultracel™ Foam is Superior to Conventional Polyurethane Foams

Ultracel™ foam is a revolutionary material that offers superior support and long lasting resiliency.  Ultracel is more resilient and durable than other conventional foams, and will maintain its shape under compressions better than other polyurethane foams. Ultracel foam offers up to 25% more support than conventional foams. Extensive lab testing has shown that Ultracel material suffers from less unsightly flattening and sagging and is less likely to be subject to body impressions, even with regular use over time. 

There are two primary kinds of foam - conventional and high resilience (HR). The density of a foam (a weight for a given volume) is not a measure of firmness, but rather a measure of support. Different levels of firmness can be created for the same density of foam. Nevertheless, density and firmness do tend to parallel one another, and so typically, HR foams have been chosen for support, while conventional foams were chosen for comfort. Ultracel beats both at each other's game.

Ultracel also performs better than conventional foams in resilience tests. In this test, a steel ball is dropped on a piece of foam from a given height and resilience is expressed as the percentage of the original height that is reached on the first bounce. The "spring" or "bounce back" is what people associate with comfort and Ultracel is 25% more resilient than conventional foam.

In a variety of other tests, for example dynamic fatigue by roller shear and 90% compression set, Ultracel continues to outperform both conventional and HR foams. The result is a better foam that is typically only used by high end furniture manufacturers.

BioComfort® Eco-friendly foam

BioComfort® foam is an Ultracel™ product made from BiOH polyols, a soybean derivative. The BiOH polyols reduces petroleum-based polyols in the polyurethane foam manufacturing process with the end result being a product that remains exceptionally high in quality, but is much more environmentally friendly.

BioComfort® foam is made from the oil of the soybean which is a renewable resource making it safe to the environment. It is fabricated using a state-of-the-art carbon filtration system to reduce the emissions from the production of polyurethane foam.  The overall system can be described as an activated carbon system working to absorb contaminants from a stream.  This system uses activated carbon pellets that are 100% recyclable.


3) Spring-down cushions - Unlimited Lifetime Warranty  (This optional upgrade is $75 per seat cushion.)

Although these super-premium cushions are still "firm" they are more "plush" than the Ultracel foam cushions. 

Spring Down cushions are designed for a softer initial feel but to be highly supportive once compressed. To achieve this, the heart of the cushion is a pocketed coil spring unit (also known as a Marshall unit) made with 14 gauge tempered steel springs that are individually wrapped in a fabric cover and mechanically tied together to create a complete innerspring core. The spring core is then wrapped top and bottom with a 2.4 density Ultracel® foam cap and surrounded with a 2.4 density Ultracel foam border to completely encase the spring unit. Next the foam is wrapped in a 1" thick layer of 2 oz. polyester fiber. The final cushion is then encased in a tightly woven channeled envelope of high quality down proof ticking, and filled with a 50% blend of feathers and down, and 50% super slick conjugated fiber. The final cushion provides a smooth elevator type of ride as each material layer yields as the weight is distributed. The first level of comfort comes from the slow release of air from the down proof ticked envelope. The second level comes from the compression of the feather-down and fiber layer and the air stored within. Lastly, you will feel the support of the innersprings as they equally distribute your weight across the cushion.

Both our Ultracel and Spring-down cushions are available in 4 configurations: Roll-front, Box Cushions, Roll-front T-cushions and Box T-cushions. These different shapes alter the styling of the sofas. They have nothing to do with overall quality or durability although the roll-front cushions do tend to "wrinkle" more easily than the box cushons with some types of fabrics.

Our standard cushion shape is the roll-front cushion (also known as a bull-nose cushion.) The roll-front cushion is generally considered more "casual." Our roll-front cushions are 7" thick at the corners and 8 1/2" thick with a slight crown in the center of the cushion.

Other Cushion Options

Optional Box Cushions. Box cushions are slightly more expensive ($50 per sofa and $25 per chair or sectional unit) because of the extra labor required to sew the double welting all around the cushion. Box cushions are generally considered to be more "formal" than the roll-front cushions.

Optional T-Cushions. When ordering T-cushions you must specify whether you want a "roll-front" T-cushion ($50 per sofa) or a "Box" T-cushion ($100 per sofa.) A "Box" T-cushion will give the sofa a more formalized "traditional" look. A "Roll-front" T-cushion makes the sofa look larger and plusher. One advantage of the T-cushion is that it adds more leg room when lying down on the sofa since the cushion extends out in front of the arm.

Back cushions have a different construction than the seat cushions. Our back cushions consist of 3.25lbs. of polyester fiber (the highest grade available).