Small Sectionals, Apartment Sectionals for Small Rooms 

Large Sectionals for homes and apartments with narrow doors & stairways  

Sectional orders can be placed only by calling our Customer Service Hotline at


Click here to see diagrams of popular sectional configurations.


Functional for family, friends or any occasion … That’s what we had in mind when we designed our Sectional for your varied lifestyle.

Available in all collections this Exceptional Sectional still demands our promise of quality and long-lasting durability. The design makes it especially easy to transport up flights of stairs, through elevators, boat hatches, RVs and 5th-wheel units. Like all other Simplicity Sofas products, it is easy-to-assemble in minutes with no tools.

You’ve always longed for comfortable living with a Sectional, now you have it; and you can place it anywhere! You can design it to fit your needs, whether it’s just for you or the entire family.

Design your own configuration or give us a call and we’ll help you decide the best fit for your space. Select your style from our Collections Page. Then add the pieces as needed.

It is possible to have a sleeper with the sectional as long as you have 3 arm or armless sections in a row.

Dimensions of the Units:

Left/Right Arm Units: 29″W x 31.5″D x 35″H

Armless: 24″W x 31.5″D x 35″H

Corner: 30″W x 31.5″D x 35″H

Bumper (Ottoman): 29″W x 31.5″D x 19.5″H

Wedge Corner Unit: 42"W x 31.5"D x 42"L

Prices for the units, depending on the fabric grade.

Lorelei / Jenna / Brandon Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Armless $399 $449 $499 $549 $599 $649
Corner $499 $549 $599 $649 $699 $749
Right Arm (Facing) $499 $549 $599 $649 $699 $749
Left Arm (Facing) $499 $549 $599 $649 $699 $749
Bumper $329 $389 $419 $449 $479 $509
Wedge Corner Unit $599 $649 $699 $749 $799 $849


Ashton  Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Armless $399 $449 $499 $549 $599 $649
Corner $499 $549 $599 $649 $699 $749
Right Arm (Facing) $599 $649 $699 $749 $799 $849
Left Arm (Facing) $599 $649 $699 $749 $799 $849
Bumper $329 $389 $419 $449 $479 $509
Wedge Corner Unit $599 $649 $699 $749 $799 $849


Megan Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Armless $399 $449 $499 $549 $599 $649
Corner $499 $549 $599 $649 $699 $749
Arm $549 $599 $649 $699 $749 $799
Bumper $329 $389 $419 $449 $479 $509
Wedge Corner Unit $599 $649 $699 $749 $799 $849


Try adding box cushions with double welt to create a unique look. The double welt is only $25 per unit for the arm unit, the armless unit, corner unit and bumper unit.

What about a simple contrasting welt? The contrasting welt is $15 per unit for the arm unit, armless unit, corner unit and bumper unit.

Add a skirt to give the sectional a more traditional look. This option is only $25 per unit.

The possibilities are endless. You can even add slipcovers to your new sectional. Arm units are $199, Armless units are $149, Corner units are $249 and Bumper units are $149.

All of these options can make such a difference when selecting the perfect sectional configuration and look for you.

Please call toll free 800-813-2889 and let us help you design the sectional of your dreams. 

Our warranty and return policies remain the same as for our other furniture. If you do not like our furniture for any reason at all, you may return it to us for a full refund, including shipping costs. We are still the only furniture company in the country to offer this guarantee.

Orders for the sectional can only be placed by telephone at 800-813-2889 at this time. The sectional will be available for purchase on our website soon. 

Sectional Shipping Options
Please call our toll free number 800-813-2889 with any questions regarding ordering your Sectional.

1. Free Drop-Ship delivery service is the same as described on the shipping page.
2. Inside delivery for Sectionals is a flat rate of $50 as described on the shipping page.
3. White Glove Delivery is $50 per seat for Sectionals as described on the shipping page.

Assembly Tips - Our sectionals are so simple to assemble you will not need any instructions. There is no way to assemble our sectional incorrectly. Average assembly time is 3-5 minutes per seat unit.

The only part of assembly that is not completely obvious is the procedure for attaching two adjacent units. Those simple instructions are listed below in Red.

See our video of a 7 year old girl assembling one of our armless units by herself in 1 minute. 

The sectional units can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times without any loss of structural integrity.

All units attach to adjacent units using hardware on the bottom of the bases. The attachment hardware swivels out of sight when not being used for attachment.

Sectional Hardware Attachment (and Detachment) Instructions for Connecting and Separating Adjacent Seating Units.

The attachment hardware is underneath the base of each sectional unit.  
1.  The right side of each unit (when facing it) has a small metal tab.  
2.  The left side of each unit has a U-shaped piece of hardware that is swiveled underneath the unit when not in use. 
3.  Swivel the U-shaped hardware until it is facing the tab on the adjoining piece.
4.  Slide the tab into the U-shaped hardware.  It will "click" several times indicating that the two units are joined together.
To disconnect units:
1.  Stand behind attached units. Grasp the back of the unit on the right.
2.  Lift straight up.
3.  Metal tab will lift out of U-shaped hardware and disengage.

If you have any questions or issues prior to, or during your delivery contact us immediately at our customer service hotline at 800-813-2889. There will almost always be someone available to assist you.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call or contact us at:

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