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We received the chair back yesterday and it looks and fits correctly. Thanks for the fast turnaround. You certainly do have great customer service.

- Joyce K.

Hi Mike,

We replaced a sofa in our last RV using a product from http://simplicitysofas.com/ They specialize in quality furniture for tight places. Very easy to work with, lots of fabric choices, and all their products are hand made in the U.S. Our sofa came in three boxes and in less than 15 minutes were out of the boxes, in the RV and assembled. As far as I can tell they don't make a sofa with drawers but everything else about their products is top drawer…

Countryside RV posted on Simplicity Sofa's timeline.

"The sofa we purchased for our park model is FANTASTIC! The sofa fit the space perfectly!! We love it!! We will definately be passing along information to all our park model customers about you guys!!"

Thanks so much for checking in on us in regards to our new sofa. It came in just as ordered. It was easy to assemble and we love it! It is perfect for our space in our park model!

We have been telling all of our park model customers about you guys. In fact, if you have more catalogs, please mail them our way.

The only issue that we had was in the transportation of the sofa to us. The freight company had an incorrect address so they ended up delivering to us at home instead of to our vacation home site. Not a problem though and all is well.

Thanks again!!
Angela Casstevens, Countryside R.V.

Hi Shannon and Ann!

We finally have our motorhome back from having some engine work done and in just a short time we had the old, ugly, uncomfortable sofa out and the pretty, new Simplicity Sofa in place! Here is a quick explanation of the photos.

First picture, you can see how much higher the back is and how much further it sticks out in front. Next picture is of the platform, felt covered plywood, that supported the brown cushions. The old sofa was not comfortable.

Next 3 pictures are of the new sofa installed today. Looks like it was made to fit, and it was, it fits perfectly! It looks soooo much better and is very comfortable to sit on! We love it! What a big difference! The quality of the Simplicity sofa is excellent, very good craftsmanship.

Your customer service department is the best! You all have been so helpful, spending lots of time when we visited your showroom, explaining all the choices, styles, fabrics, double checking measurements, etc, making sure everything was correct when ordering. You couldn't have been more accommodating. Our Sofa in a Box arrived on time and was packed extremely well.

Our overall experience doing business with Simplicity Sofas was wonderful, A-1. We will certainly recommend you to family and friends for quality made-to-order sofas or chairs, dealing with friendly, super-helpful staff. We are so happy with our new sofa! Thank you all again!

Very best regards,
- Neal and Joanne Waldron

P.S. - Thank you for sending the extra piece of black lining material. The hole in the liner under the sofa was made by the shipper during handling and not your fault. We easily covered the accident spot and is not visible.


The sofa arrived on Tuesday (yesterday) and took about 20 minutes to unpack and assemble. There was no damage. The workmanship was excellent. The feel of the cushions was great. Have not yet tried to set up the bed portion but the unfolded bed slid nicely under the sofa and so makes storage simple.

Thanks for a very nice sofa.

We are showing it off and will try to scare up some business with our RV friends,
- Daniel Duryea

Hi, Shannon:

The sofa was well packed and arrived with no damage, Once unboxed, it was not difficult to get the sofa parts through my mobile home door.  The assembly was a snap and the color and fabric works well with the interior of my home--largely because of the fabric swatches you sent. I find the product to be reasonably priced and well made. The delivery was right on time.

A friend's wife made some snarky comments about the fabric puckering on the sofa arms, but it really does not bother me. Your website pictures show the same amount of puckering. But since you have to please female customers, I thought I would let you know.

Anyway, I'm satisfied and would recommend your product to friends.

David Shertz

The sofa is fine. It’s exactly as you presented it and the fabric is just what we ordered. It’s beautiful and just right for our needs.
As I mentioned before, my husband just got home from the hospital after open heart surgery and has not had a chance to see or sit on the new sofa. It is intended to be installed in our motorhome and that can’t happen for couple of months. I can’t see any problem with it working just fine in our motorhome’s space……….but we won’t know till we try.
As for the furniture itself, it seems of the highest quality, with great workmanship, and the wooden legs are very attractive and well made. The ease of assembly is outstanding. Customer service has been remarkable with instant responses and ease of working with the interior designer on the phone. I foresee no problems at all.
Gayle Putman

Oh Shannon,

I apologize for not writing last night. I absolutely love the sofa! It literally went together in 10 minutes. It is perfect for our
motorhome and went through the door very easily. I can't imagine why anyone would pay the price for "RV" sofas when these are much nicer, plus they wanted to charge us $900 just to get an RV sofa installed. This is the perfect solution.

I'm very impressed with the design and the quality. And, customer service….wow!  From the first email I have been impressed by the integrity of the company. I cannot think
of one thing I would suggest changing. I have told all my friends about your company. 
Thank you all for being so great to work with!  Until next time I need furniture…Cathy Burroughs

PS. I'm going to recommend Simplicity Sofas to our RV service rep so that he has an alternative to offer his customers.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for taking the time to write.  I can tell you that the decision to buy one of your sofas did not come without extensive research and thought.  We bought a pre-owned Hitchhiker 5th wheel, and have been renovating the interior for some time.  One of the final decisions we made was how to furnish it.  We knew that we wanted a sofa, but it had to meet certain criteria.  It had to be a scaled down version, but not a love seat.  It had to be well made and attractive.  It had to come with a wide choice of fabric textures and colors.  And most importantly, it had to fit through the 23 inch door of our RV.  The only sofa that met all of those criteria was yours.  We are first time RVers, and this will be our retirement venture.  We feel confident that we made the right choice with this sofa.

I hope your company grows and prospers.  There is definitely a market for your product within theRV industry.   

David and Julie Peterson

To: Jeff Frank

Awesome!  Please do send us a slipcover for our Jenna chair in Rosalee Rd.  We are thrilled that you have once again, proven beyond a doubt, that Simplicity Sofas is a company with integrity and morals and the best customer service in the business!

Thanks again Jeff,
Tom & Carol Sykes

Yes, it arrived in good condition.  I have put it into our motor home and assembled it and it was very easy.  After we get to Texas and get the slides out on the motor home, I will try to take a picture and send it to you.  Right now, it is just too cold here in Iowa to do all of that.  It fits very well and is much more comfortable than the leather one that was there before.   Thanks for getting it here on time and I am already spreading the word about your company.  It is often hard to replace furniture in an RV because of the size of the door, so I plan on showing folks in our RV Park what we did and spread your name around a little. Merry Christmas and keep up the good work
Rich Brady

Hi, Jeff -

I’m thrilled to FINALLY have a sofa that actually fits in that glitchy, 68”-wide space that is part of my RV’s postage-stamp size "living room.” (Photo attached below so you can see for yourself!)

That you cheerfully went above & beyond to provide me very detailed measurements before I placed my order told me a great deal about how deeply you care for your customers; that’s the type of service that is (sadly) so rare these days!

I love the overall style of the sofa and fabrics. The Rosalee Red throw pillows with zippers coordinate beautifully with the Gramercy Sage upholstery, adding just the right color punch. 

The sofa was a piece of cake to put together.  The hardest part:  I needed a strong friend’s help with the box that contained the base; no way I could have hoisted that one alone!  But I’m so glad that it’s solid oak - not some junky, flimsy composite material that will fall apart down the road.  And your assembly instructions could not have been any clearer - it’s amazing that your customer ends up with a sofa every bit as stable as something pre-assembled, yet can put it together in mere minutes without tools.  Ingenious design!

This sofa is comfortable.  I can even lie down on it (I am just 5’4” so works nicely for me).  It does not reek of chemicals or glues, either - unlike much of the upholstered furnishings found in most stores.  That’s a BIG plus.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, Jeff - but my whole September & start of this month has been so insanely busy that I didn't have time to do much more than give my new sofa a cursory glance as I passed by (let alone even sit on it much) until this very week!   :)

Sincerely – Robin


My goodness, what service and concern for your customers!! I am rather cynical and since I've been involved in so much horror around the planet and the deceit that spawned it I am taken aback when people show straight up decency. Thank you, I bet you are very pleasant to hang with. We spend much time in various RV parks and my wife is highly social so this results in our rig being the place where folks often come for coffee and conversation. Although I expect the majority of the world's economy to collapse in 2010 I will speak highly of you and your company as long as I have the liberty and freedom to do so. Furniture replacement is a subject that often comes up since so many folks are living full time in their rigs so the wear/replacement subject is common. I now have a place/website to send them without hesitation since I know they will receive the best treatment.

- Bill (Harold)

Everything looks great! I purchased the sofa and ottoman for our boat. Everything fit easily through the doors and set up was very simple. I am very happy with the quality and service that I received from your company. Thank you very much.

- Suzanne Jones