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My name is Shawn & I am Dane's interior designer. 
We received his sofa yesterday and absolutely love it!!  It's comfortable, well made, sturdy and incredibly easy to assemble. In fact, while Dane was upstairs for 10 minutes he couldn't  believe that 5 boxes had transformed so quickly into a completed sectional. 
Why other manufacturers don't follow this process is beyond me. 
You have become a contact in my phone & will think of you 1st for future sofa purchases : )
Pictures may follow in the weeks ahead. 
Thank you and Jeff for everything. 
Best Regards
Shawn S


Jeff and Ann,

I am a home stager in Chicago. I ordered one of your sofas and chairs for a staging-you have changed my business forever! I loved it, my clients love it and I am sure potential buyers will love it! In addition, stagers now have a solution to the sofa storage problem. You have changed my business!

Bobbi Williams

Hi Shannon!

Everything got delivered, so far everything is fine.  Will let you know ASAP if there are any problems.  You guys have been great to work with!

Kathryn Ash

Dear Shannon,

Thank you for following up on my purchase. I am a realtor and home stager and I purchased my first loveseat from you last year to stage houses. It is so easy to take apart and put in the back of my SUV to move from house to house. That one has been in four of my houses, and they all sold! I can easily lift the pieces by myself- not something I could do with a standard loveseat. I liked the quality, appearance and function so much that I bought this second, identical one! It arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with it. I have told many friends and fellow realtors about your company.

Along with liking your furniture, I like the way you do business. Your website is easy to navigate, your furniture arrives as promised and your customer service is amazing.

Lynne McKee
Keller Williams Capital District Realty

The following is an excerpt from an article published in Zebra Magazine, Dec. 9, 2011 by

Ginger Rodriguez
Principal Designer, WestBay Interiors

“It’s Complicated”? Not Really!

2. The Sofa
We estimate the NM cost at about $6,000.00 for her beautiful, linen slip covered sofa. But you can slip right out of that expense and go for...

OURS: We love our equally gorgeous, kid and pet friendly, but more affordable Loreiei Sofa from for way way less at $1,049.00 (slipcover $399)


All full-size, mid-size and apartment-size sofa slipcovers are $399 regardless of fabric grade selected.

Photo by Daniel Bloom,

The sofa came in 3 boxes and was assembled in 10 minutes.

Check this 8 year old kid out!

We loved the sofa so much, we are getting a chair in one of their Eco-Chic (10 colors to choose from) because they are American grown and dyed, heavy-weight 100% cottons made with a special eco-friendly process in which the cotton fibers are electrostatic ally charged and the dyes receive a reverse charge.

This enables the dyes to penetrate the fibers more thoroughly for a richer, deeper color while using only 50% of the amount of dye normally required.  In addition they  use 50% less water and no “salts” which are a waste product in the normal process.

Folks, If you live in northern VA and space is an issue, you’ll want to keep their information handy.

Thanks Jeff - I will certainly share my awesome experience with Simplicity Sofas. Also, please know that I teach small business management, organizational behavior, human relations in organizations, and principles of management at a university and always share my experiences with the students.


Lucy Moon, Owner
Staging Pointe, LLC

Dear Shannon,

I have been using the loveseat I ordered in my staging business for the past month. It’s great! I love the way it can fit into my car. We’ve had lots of compliments on it. I was impressed with everything about your process and will definitely use you again.

Lynne McKee
Keller Williams Capital District Realty