Company Information

Simplicity Sofas is unique. All of our furniture is patent protected and not available anywhere else through any other source. The company manufactures large, medium and small sofas, sleepers and sectionals. It sells and ships directly to consumers. Simplicity Sofas does not sell its furniture through retailers, wholesalers or distributors.

All furniture is custom-built the old-fashioned way, one piece at a time, to your individual specifications, using quality components such as solid oak frames and Ultracel® or Spring-down premium cushions backed by lifetime warranties. The furniture is shipped directly to you. No retail middlemen and no retailer's markups. Not only does this allow our customers to save money, but it permits us to provide the furniture industry's best customer service.

Simplicity Sofas is headquartered and manufactured in High Point, NC, the furniture capital of the world. The company specializes in high quality, full-size, mid-size and apartment-size Ready-To-Assemble sofas, sleepers, love seats, chairs and ottomans. Small-scale sectionals are 25% of company sales. Our furniture is made only in the USA and ships direct from our North Carolina factory by UPS Freight.

The patented  QAS Quick Assembly System permits most people to assemble our sofas in 15 minutes or less with no tools required. Here is a video of an 8 year old boy assembling one of our sofas by himself in less than 4 minutes.

Another video shows a sectional unit being assembled in 1 minute -- by a 7 year old girl.

Simplicity Sofas' inventors Glenn Laughlin and Jeff Frank, have worked together for over 20 years to develop the world's highest quality, and easiest assembly RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) living room and family room furniture. Together they share 7 patents for ready to assemble and multi-functional upholstered furniture. The new reclining furniture is the (patent pending) invention of Sergio Diaz, the production manager for Simplicity Sofas.

Quality living room furniture designed to fit anywhere!

Small apartments, attics, studio lofts , boats and RVs; this furniture is shipped unassembled in heavy-duty double-walled cartons to fit the smallest spaces. Even the largest Simplicity Sofas and sleepers will fit through any door or stairway wider than 15". For tighter fits, the sectionals will fit through any entranceway larger than 8 inches wide x 36 inches high.

Our commitment to quality.
Simplicity Sofas frames are manufactured from solid oak and are backed by a lifetime warranty. We never use chip core, pressed wood or particle board in our sofas. Plywood is used only a few areas of a few frame styles. (See the Construction section for additional details.) 

We follow quality standards typically found in furniture more than twice our price. For example, all of our furniture is hand-built one-piece-at-a-time by highly skilled and experienced American craftspeople. We do not mass-produce our furniture on an assembly line.

Our commitment to Service.

One email or phone call to Simplicity Sofas is all it takes to discover that the company provides a level of customer service never before seen in the furniture industry. 

Jeff Frank, the owner of Simplicity Sofas, worked for two years as a volunteer with Call For Action, a nationwide non-profit consumer help organization.  As a volunteer he helped hundreds of people with problems involving poor service, defective products and consumer rights.