Company History


Simplicity Sofas Company History

The Simplicity Sofas concept was born in 2003 when designer/inventor/master craftsman Glenn Laughlin and furniture industry veteran Jeff Frank teamed up to create a line of high quality, quick-assembly upholstered furniture that fits into small rooms and tight entranceways where normal furniture cannot go.

Glenn and Jeff spent four years perfecting the revolutionary technology and building the first prototypes.

In November 2007 Simplicity Sofas opened a small factory in High Point, NC to manufacture this new category of furniture. 

Less than three years later, rapidly increasing sales forced the company to relocate to a larger manufacturing facility (also in High Point.) Simplicity Sofas continued to grow steadily, shipping more than $4 million of its unique furniture to more than 2500 individual customers nationwide as of November, 2013.

Some recent milestones:

  • In July 2012 Simplicity Sofas was named a finalist for the CX (Customer Experience) Innovation Awards presented by the 1500+ member Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA.)
  • In October 2012 the company's new Megan style sofa received a "Best of Market" award at the International Home Furnishings Market.
  • In December 2012 Simplicity Sofas was awarded the $20,000 Grand Prize as Most Innovative American Small Business.
  • In April 2013 the company's sectional design received a "Best of Market" award at the International Home Furnishings Market.
  • June 2013 - Actor and author William Shatner quips, "Simplicity Sofas boldly goes where no furniture has gone before" during interview with Simplicity Sofas owner Jeff Frank.
The company's proudest accomplishment is that after more than seven years in business and over 3000 customers, Simplicity Sofas has never received a single negative review, either from its customers or from professional industry reviewers.