Can You Assemble a Sofa Faster Than a Third Grader?

To win your $1000 Simplicity Sofas Gift Certificate please send a video showing a single person (any age) assembling a fully upholstered RTA (Ready to Assemble) sofa faster than the third grader appearing in the video on this website.

Contest rules:

1. The video of the third grader assembling a Simplicity Sofa runs 3 minutes 52 seconds in real time. This includes a short introduction of the 8 year old and "fluffing up" the cushions at the end before the video stops. Also, the 8 year old does not "rush" at any time during the assembly.

To be eligible for the $1000 Simplicity Sofas Gift Certificate, submitted videos must show competing products being fully assembled in less than 3 minutes 52 seconds in real time without the camera being stopped at any point. It is not necessary to "introduce" the assembler or to "fluff" the cushions at the end. Competing assemblers are permitted to "rush" as much as they need to.

2. Competing products must be fully upholstered Ready to Assemble sofas weighing at least 150 lbs. (The Simplicity Sofa shown in the video weighs 170 lbs.)

3. Reclining sofas with removable backs are not eligible.

4. Only one gift certificate may be awarded for each competing sofa brand submitted. The person who submits the first qualifying video received for each competing brand offered will be awarded the gift certificate.

5. Gift certificates will be issued only to adults at least 21 years old. There is no restriction on the age of the person who assembles the sofa or who makes the video.

6. All assembly and safety instructions issued by the furniture manufacturer must be followed at all times.

7. Videos from contestants must be emailed to A return receipt acknowledging receipt will be sent.  All submissions must include:

  • Name of individual submitting video (must be 21 or over) to whom Gift Certificate will be issued.
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

8. Videos must not be of material covered by copyright or trademark restrictions.

9. The decision of Simplicity Sofas, Inc. is final as to whether or not a submitted video is a valid winner of the $1000 Gift Certificate.

10. Contest Gift Certificates are applicable only for furniture shipped with the continental U.S. (48 states) only. Furniture purchased with a Gift Certificate but shipped outside the Continental U.S. will be assessed an additional shipping fee.

11. No Purchase is Required.

12.  Contest ends December 31, 2012.