Assembly Instructions

Our custom-built sofas, sleepers and sectionals are shipped unassembled to fit through extremely narrow doors and stairways where normal furniture cannot go. Assembly takes most people about 15 minutes. 

All of our furniture will fit through any door or stairway wider than 15 inches.

See our video of an 8 year old assembling one of our full-size sofas in less than 4 minutes

See our video of a 7 year old assembling a sectional unit in 1 minute.

See our video of a 15 year old assembling a sofa sleeper in less than 10 minutes.

Traditionally, Ready-to-Assemble furniture can take up to 2 hours to assemble and requires complex instructions and tools.

Simplicity Sofas is unique. The patented designs requires only 6 hand-tightened knobs so that assembly can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less. Most customers are able to assemble our furniture without looking at the one page instruction sheet.

assembly-complete-step-4-640x480-.jpg     assembly-step1-640x480-.jpg     asssembly-step-2-640x480-3-.jpg     asssembly-step-3-640x480-1-.jpg

To put together our Ready-To-Assemble furniture, follow these easy steps:

1. Turn the sofa over on its back or front and attach the four legs. 

2. Attach the arms by inserting the protruding bolts through the matching holes in the sofa base.  

3. Turn the sofa upright and unfold the back.

4. Pull the back up and backward until the latches click into place.

5. Turn the sofa over and on the end of each protruding bolt place a washer and a 3 prong black plastic knob. Hand-tighten the knobs.

6. If you have purchased slipcovers, slide them into place now. Remember, the Velcro closure tab goes in the back.

7. Place your cushions on the sofa.

For disassembly, simply reverse the process.  It should not take more than 5 minutes.  Simplicity Sofas furniture can be assembled and disassembled hundreds of times without any loss of structural integrity.

Simplicity Sofas has furniture that is easy to move and set up. Just follow our tool-free assembly, and within a few short minutes, you'll be stretched out with your feet up. So go ahead, dream BIG! 

1. Tip seat frame and insert the four legs into pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the base. 2. Insert arms into the holes on the sides of the seat frame & fasten loosely underneath using black 3 prong knobs. 3. Pull up the attached back frame and attach the back to the arms then push down to lock it in place. Tighten black 3 prong knobs. 4. Place cushions and ENJOY!


Instructions for Use of Sleeper Mechanism and Mattress


1.  The sleeper mechanism will be tied down with twisty ties or some other method so that the mechanism does not move during shipment. Please remove tie-down materials.

2.  The sleeper base will have a fabric cover stretched over the mechanism and fastened in the back with Velcro. This cover should be attached when the bed is not being used for maximum seating comfort.

3.  To use the bed – unfasten the velcroed fabric cover in the back. Roll forward so that the mechanism is exposed. The rolled up fabric can then be velcroed to the front rail of the sleeper.

4.  Grasp the front bar of the sleeper mechanism and pull up – and then towards you until the mechanism is level. [There will be a red tag on the front rail that reads, “Lift here – Stage 1”.]

5.  When the sleeper mechanism is level – pull up on the rear bar.

[There will be a red tag on the rear bar that reads, “Lift here – Stage 2”.]

6.  Pull rear bar forward until additional bar appears then pull up and forward on that bar to complete the process of unfolding the bed mechanism.

7.  Inflate the AirDream mattress with the electric pump. [This is a very simple process and there will be instructions inside the pump box.]

To use the sofa for sitting:

1. Remove the air from the mattress.

2.  Replace the mechanism by reversing the instructions above. [This will be very simple and obvious.]